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Today this article will teach you to make beetroot powder at home. Beetroot is an outstanding vegetable with a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It is usually used in salads which is also very beneficial for health.

Beetroot powder is used in number of face mask, products that you make at home like lip balm and lipsticks. It is totally natural and free of chemical that is a best news for people with sensitive skin that can not bear synthetic chemical or colors for their skin and lips.

Here are some very easy steps to make its powder at home in very easy steps:


  • Beetroot



The procedure to make beetroot is very basic and simple. You need one medium-sized beetroot. Cut it in form of slices in a flat bowl and keep in direct intense sunlight for 2-3 days if it is winter. But if it is summer then you can get your beetroot dry in few hours. Make sure to take your plate from outside when sun is down and you can leave it there again for next day.


your beetroot slices has completely dry down as you can see in the picture.



filtering through a cotton cloth

After that you can grind it in a grinding machine. Be aware that dried beetroot Is quite hard. Use your machine if you think it is strong enough and it can handle its grinding. Otherwise you get it done from the market. They have professional and strong motor machines so it will be no big deal for them.

After grinding you can filter it from a strainer. After roughly filtering you also need to filter it through a thin cotton cloth in order to get very fine form. If you just filter it through cotton cloth then it is fine too.

Now that your beetroot powder is ready so you can put it in an air tight container.



You can keep this powder in some air tight container and it can last you for months. Beetroot powder is used in variety of face mask, soap, body wash, lip balm and even it is used to make lipsticks. This is how you can use it in different home remedies to get fair and pink cheeks. It is also used to decrease the hyper pigmentation from lips.



The most important function of beetroot for which it is mostly used in different products and homemade remedies is because it make the skin fair and give pink glow to cheeks. It is beneficial in both ways by drinking its juice and applying it topically.

It makes the skin smooth and with full of glow. Beetroot is also used in different products for lips and hair. It lighten the color of dark lips and reduce the dandruff from scalp.

Beetroot also have antioxidant elements in it which make a perfect ingredient for your skin. Because it prevents your skin from hazardous effects of UV rays of sun. It also reduce the effects of oxidation process  on skin which can lead to wrinkles and loose skin. When this process is slow down then it give time to your skin to heal again.


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