hirsutism, causes, symptoms and treatments

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Hirsutism, excess hair growth causes and treatment in women

Hirsutism is a condition in which a woman starts to grow thick and pigmented hair on the chin, side burn , sometimes cheeks and even on body in severe condition.This usually happens because of high levels of androgen or testosterone in blood. Usually this hormone is a male hormone but it is also produced in a woman’s body in a very small amount. If for any reason, concentration if these hormones increase then it can lead to hirsutism. This happens main high level of androgen or over sensitivity of hair follicles toward androgens hormone.

Usually women grow hair on their face and body but they are quite thin and light in color. So in this case, they are hardly noticeable or can be bleached easily.



  • There are multiple reason that a woman start to get thick and darker hair on her body . One of the main reasons is high level of androgen in the body which play the main game.
  • Women who are insulin resistant can also start to grow thick hair as they have high level of insulin in the blood which is responsible for more androgen production.
  • It is also believed that high level of cholesterol which is also related to obesity can trigger hirsutism as well.
  • Women who are undergoing some hormonal therapy or taking particular medication that can disturb their androgen level and trigger hirsutism.
  • furthermore,women usually suffering from polycystic ovaries can also face hirsutism along with acne,oily skin, insulin resistance and hard to lose weight.
  • Sometimes hirtustism can happen without any underlying health condition and reason is purely unknown.
  •  Also,sometime it tends to run in the family and you can also get it from your genes.
  • Women with hirsutism do not necessarily have irregular periods but if they do then reason is usually hormonal.
  • This problem can also rise in severe conditions like tumor of pituitary, ovaries or adrenal glands.

Signs and symptoms:

It typical sign are growth of dark and thick hair on face includes chin, side of the cheeks, lower abdomen and even forehead. In more intense conditions, it can also appear on back, chest, and even upper abdomen.

Women with hirsutism may or may not have other symptoms like acne, excess sebum production, insulin resistance, hard to lose weight and deep voice.




This condition put quite an emotional and social pressure on women as it is not a feminine trait. So many women keep on searching for right treatments to eradicate this problem once for all.First doctors find out the main reason for hirsutism, if it is for polycystic ovaries then they give corresponding medication to deal with root problem. Usually medications that help to lower the insulin and cholesterol level if it is diagnosed because of high level of corresponding hormones. Overweight people are recommended to control the weight and bring down the cholesterol level.

Moreover we do suggest certain cosmetic tricks and treatment to get rid of them. Women can go for shaving, waxing, plucking and hair removal creams which are temporary treatments. Many women also go through hair removal treatment which is quite effective for that but this is not permanent also. As hair can regrow after some time but this treatment can usually stop hair growth from certain area for a year or more.

There is also a permanent treatment which is called electrolysis as it involves use to electric heat to destroy hair follicle. But it is not that popular due to some of its side effects. Furthermore, this can leave you scar and it is quite time-consuming for large surface area. It’s one session deal with a small patch and you have to go several time to get it done completely.




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