Hena Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair

by Asima Butt
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Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair


Today this article will educate you about an outstanding home remedy that you can do at home for your hair. You do not have to get expensive treatments for your hair at salons. This remedy involves banana and mayonnaise that work wonders for your dull and damaged hair. You can apply this an hour before taking shower.as now days is summer season and your hair gets extra greasy and oily because of excess sweating and sebum production. Even if you have treated hair then you must have something extra that provide nutrition to your hair. This regular use of mask or oil can prevent your hair from excess dryness and damage. In return it will extra smoothness and shine.

Frizzy hair is beautiful hairstyle itself but when it comes to the point where you want to give them a sober look without spending hours in blow drying and flat ironing. Then you need something that can tame your hair for a while. Today in this article you will learn how you can make an oil for your frizzy and damaged hair by using very easy and good ingredients. They will not only tame your hair but will also give them protection from heat damage. The source of heat can be anything, it can be either sun or blow dry and flat-iron etc.

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  • brown hena (mehndi)

  • Black hena (black)

  • Olive oil

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Any hair conditioner




First of all, you need to purchase one brown and one black mehndi/hena of any brand from any general store. It is usually easily available in market and take 75 grams of brown and 10 grams of black hena. If you have brown hair then brown hena only is fine but if you have dark hair then you can add little quantity of black hena to give darker color to hena according to your hair color. Overall if they both are mixed together, they will give a very beautiful color and glow to the hair.

Take 1-2 teaspoon of regular tea in a pan and add a cup of water in it. Boil for for 3-5 minutes then take it off from flame. After that, take 75 grams of brown hena and add 10 gram of black hena in it. Then take fresh aloe vera leave and take its fresh gel out of it through squeezing method. You need almost 2-3 tablespoon of aloe vera in blended form. After that add 2-3 tablespoon of olive oil and mix it well. If you have very dry or damaged hair then you can increased the quantity of olive oil. Also you can other oils like coconut oil or almond oil as an alternate of olive oil. At the end, add the filtered tea solution accordingly to give your mixture a nice and smooth paste form.


At the end add one tablespoon of any hair conditioner that you usually use on daily basis. You need one tablespoon of hair conditioner with 2 tablespoon of hena mixture. This is how you can keep on increasing the quantity with this ratio according to your hair length.



Apply this hair mask an hour or two prior to taking bath. You can apply the mixture on your hair one inch away from roots so you won’t get color on your scalp. Leave it on for at least an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can cover the remaining mixture with a plastic sheet and you can store it in fridge for at least a week but best way is to use it in fresh form.

Benefits of this hair mask:

These ingredients are rich with proteins that are important for to make your hair follicles strong. When your hair follicles are strong then there are reduced chances for hair fall. These ingredients will stimulate the follicles to grow the hair long and make them look healthy and shiny as well. The ingredients used in this remedy will help you with other conditions like general dryness, dandruff, fungal infection or any kind of hair fall. This mask is also very good for chemically treated hair and prevent the hair damage.

Furthermore olive oil,hena, aloe vera and hair conditioner will provide most important nourishment to your hair. They will restore its moisture and smoothness. You hair will look extra shiny because all of these ingredients are working for this same purpose.people will treated and damaged hair must try this mask to get over hair dryness and hair fall. Moreover this mask will act as an anti-inflammatory and microbial as well because of presence of honey. Honey prevents inflammation and infection of the scalp.

Use of tea gives so many gift to your hair. First it is the best source for improving shine and texture of the skin. It tames the frizzy hair and make them look lustrous because of its unique ingredients. Tea also improve the health of hair by stimulating hair follicles to grow hair and make the follicles strong overall. Moreover this one also work as microbial and kills any kind of bacteria or germs on the scalp.

It also work as anti-aging and prevent the hair from damaging effects of sun rays. Moreover it works as a natural dyeing agent for your hair and imparts a beautiful brown hue to it.

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