Hair Serum For Soft, Smooth, Shiny & Frizz Free Hair

by Asima Butt
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Hair Serum For Soft, Smooth, Shiny & Frizz Free Hair

Today this article will throw light on most wonderful ingredients that could be used together to make a hair serum for very shiny, smooth and long hair. The ingredients used in this remedy will help you with other conditions like general dryness, dandruff, fungal infection or any kind of hair fall.

We will use coconut oil and argon oil as a base combined with other beneficial ingredients like vitamin E.

They will help to provide maximum hydration as these ingredients are water binding and will lock the moisture in your scalp and hair cells. It is specially made for dry scalp and dry hair. People with oily hair can also use it but they should be very particular with its quantity.

Here are some very easy steps to make this serum st home:



  • Argon oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Glycerin

  • Empty bottle



First of all you need one teaspoon of argon oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil in an empty bottle. Now add few drops of glycerin in it. At the end add one capsule of vitamin E and shake the bottle well so all ingredients get mixed with each other.




You can apply this serum before or after taking shower it totally depends on you. If your hair get oily with a day or two then you need to apply this serum before shower for an hour. But if you have dry scalp like it doesn’t get greasy till three days then you can apply it after shower.

Don’t use its excess because its excess quantity can make your hair greasy quicker than normal.





Coconut is rich with saturated fats which are not harmful. It is beneficial for skin and overall health. Many research claim that it improve the immunity and it has one very important role for patient of diabetes. Cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin present in coconut have anti thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing effects on the body.

It treats epilepsy, boost energy and fight cancer. Along with overall health benefits it plays an important part in out daily skin care regime.



Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant that reduce the damaging effects of free radicals from cell form by oxidation process. It changes the cell chemistry and its DNA and impart error in it. Furthermore, we should take this ingredient oral and topical as well. With this we can improve the vitamin E level in our body which in return make them healthy and promotes its growth.


Argon oil is extremely beneficial for your hair and skin because it is rich with fatty acids and vitamin E oil. It is used in many expensive hair products. Being a very powerful hydrating ingredient it helps in hair conditioning, skin moisturizing, dry skin condition, acne and lip moisturizing.



When it comes to the care of lips,hair or skin, it is the most important ingredient. It will make your hair soft, health and shiny. Furthermore, it is best ingredient for dry and flaky skin or. It also work wonders with lemon and milk for your hair and skin as well.

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