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Today this article has brought you a very important and beneficial hack that will make your life easier regarding hair on body. We all know removing hair from legs and arms for time to time is not less than a struggle. Whenever you want to go somewhere you have to spend quite a time to remove them from your whole body. Waxing is a very good process that can give us a break for at least 15-20 days or less. But again after waxing or shaving we start to see the small heads on our body which is not very pretty.


This article has brought you a solution to this problem. You can do this process while taking shower every time and it will keep removing the small growth of hair. Remember this trick is for light hair present on your legs and arms it is not very dark and thick hair present under thighs and arms. That need a bit strong chemical or quantity but as this is home remedy we are not going to use high quantity of any chemical.

In this article your will learn to make a soap through which you can do it. We need to add an ingredient which is called barium sulphide which will help to remove the light hair body growth. In this way you can even use it on daily basis without spending so much time on wax and shaving. This is how your skin will remain germ and infection free that you might get affected by using blades.


Barium sulphide:


Barium sulphide is frequently use in medical profession for diagnosis of certain diseases. It is given in oral form which kind of highlight inner body part where it goes. It is used as an contrasts agents but it’s very less quantity is also used in home remedies that help us in many ways.

Barium sulphide is used in many hair removing creams as it dissolves hair proteins and which make it weaker. Weak hair is easy to rub off from its root junction. Remember it doesn’t take the hair by the roots it only involve hair removal on the surface of the skin. But before applying this soap on whole body , make sure you do dose test to see of it is suitable for your skin. If your skin doesn’t show any redness or irritation then you can use it on leg and body. Also, do not use it on your private parts or face.




  • transparent soap

  • Barium sulphide

  • Glycerin

  • vitamin E capsule



First of all take any transparent soap and grate this half transparent soap in a bowl. After that add 1-2 teaspoon of glycerin in it and put it on indirect heat double boiler method or microwave oven. Keep mixing your soap until it melts down completely. After that leave this mixture for 10 minute and let it cool down a bit. You can also add 1-2 capsules of vitamin E to give it hydrating effects.

Then add one tablespoon of barium sulphide in it and mix the mixture well. Now pour this mixture in a suitable molder and leave it in room temperature. You can also put it in refrigerator for few hours so it set down to a hard consistency.

After few hours your soap is ready as shown in the picture.


You can use this soap daily or when you take shower. Apply this soap with a thick foamy layer or your arms and legs and leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes according to hair thickness. Then take a Popsicle stick or a tissue paper and wipe the arm. You will see the most of the hair will be on tissue paper. Remember it might take all the hair away but don’t worry they will come off next time you’ll take bath. Gradually we will find no need to wax or shaving completely on your body. Keep using the soap once a week to get rid of light hair growth from the body.


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