Hair Rebonding with its advantage and disadvantage

by Asima Butt
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Hair Rebonding method with its advantage and disadvantage

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is a professional method to straighten your hair permanently by using chemicals like relaxer and neutralizer. It is a very effective method to tame frizzy and curly hair.

As people with frizzy, curly, wavy and with heavy hair know the struggle to straighten you hair everyday. As it consumes so much time and energy so if you find its permanent solution you will take it as a blessing. But again this procedure involve use of chemicals that might harm your hair soon or later. You need to take some extra care after this procedure.


How it works?

Every hair type has natural proteins and bond that make it particular in its appearance (curly,frizzy, straight or wavy). chemicals are actually used in this procedure called hair relaxer which actually open up these natural bonds. Then we apply another chemical called neutralizer which locks the bond on our desired texture like permed or straight.



You must go to some professional hair salon as they usually use best products and their method are safe. They first wash your hair with a mild shampoo and blow dry them a for few minutes.

Then they apply a chemical called hair relaxer on your whole hair a half-inch away from scalp so chemical won’t irritate it. Then they wait for 30 minutes or according to the type or texture of hair.

After that they wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. They also blow dry it so they can start the hair straightening purpose. Moreover, they divide your hair in small sections and straight them properly. Then they apply a neutralizer for 15 minutes which locks the bond where It is.

At the end they again wash your hair and this time they might not use shampoo. They blow dry the hair and straightening hair again is not necessary. Now your hair are silky, smooth , shiny and straight after performing this procedure. Wait for next 3-4 days to wash your hair to get better and long-lasting results



The biggest advantage is that your hair texture is now according your wish. You do not have to struggle daily for straightening your hair. You might just take bath, blow dry your hair and you are good to go. It keeps your hair straighten for quite a long time. You release the 50% of your work or effort to style your hair for daily routine.



After this procedure your hair require extra care and protein treatment so they won’t get dehydrated or damaged.

As this procedure is permanent so any kind of damage to your hair is also permanent.

Some people experience hair thinning and hair loss after some time. Or hair breakage become very easy because hair is not at its natural texture on which it is the strongest.

You have to touch up the roots every six month so all hair look in same texture otherwise your hair show two types of texture.



  • You can take bath after a 3-4 days after this procedure to get better results. Do not tie your hair more often at least in first 2 weeks so it won’t leave any permanent wave in hair.
  • Apply any kind of good hair oil on your hair every week. Use good shampoo and a very good conditioner to keep your hair shiny, healthy and protected.
  • Apply a very good serum after taking shower so your hair will be combed easily and there will be less breakage.
  • You can use some home remedies for hair masks as it involves usage of natural ingredients. Your hair can avail full advantage from natural home remedies.
  • Make sure your hair are further stay away from high temperature, heat or chemicals for at least a month.




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