Hair laser Vs electrolysis for hair removal, which one is better?

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Hair laser Vs electrolysis for hair removal, which one is better?



We all know removing hair from legs and arms for time to time is not less than a struggle. Whenever you want to go somewhere you have to spend quite a time to remove them from your whole body. Waxing is a very good process that can give us a break for at least 15-20 days or less. But again after waxing or shaving we start to see the small heads on our body which is not very pretty.

As many women get the problem of thick hair growth on their chin, cheeks, on the chest and other areas. So cosmetic hair removal procedures are a blessing for these type of women who are dealing hair growth problem which could caused by any underlying health condition or simply genes.

To overcome this trouble many women go under hair removal treatments that relieve them for quite a while. In this article you will learn what is are those procedures , how they work and what to expect after getting this treatment. Furthermore, is there any side effects related to this treatment or not? And which one is the best treatment for hair removal which is long-lasting as well?

What are the best are removal treatments out there?

Well hair laser and electrolysis for hair removal has gained pretty much attention from a big number of population in last few years. These both work quite fine in removing hair but first you need to know how they work and their possible side it come to your choice with which one you want to go?


Hair laser removal:


LASER means light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation as this procedure base on concentrated light beam. This concentrated light beam is used to weaken hair follicles in dermal layer. When hair follicles are weaken then there is less hair growth for quite a long time until they get healed.
Hair LASER usually target the pigmented and thick hair on skin so it might not focus the light hair growth you might have on your face and body. Also, this procedure requires number of sessions according to the hair growth, thickness and surface area. Usually it take 5-7 session for significant long-lasting results.


Is it permanent?

Actually NO, This is not a permanent treatment. Many people who has got this treatment do not grow hair for at least a year or more. Well hair can regrow again with passage of time and it also depends on your hormones and body condition.In some cases it can last for more time while in some you might start to get hair growth because of hormonal imbalance.

Side effects:

Usually it doesn’t show any side effects except you might get redness and swelling right after procedure but it goes away within one or two days.


Electrolysis for hair removal:

Well if you want a permanent procedure then this is something you go for. As in this procedure, your doctor will use a sharp needle like tool to pass electrical heat to destroy hair follicles and the blood vessel supply around it. As hair follicles are completely destroyed so hair us unable to regrow again.

Is it permanent?

Yes! This procedure is permanent as it involves destruction of hair follicle and its supply so hair can’t regrow again. You don’t need any post treatment maintenance. Furthermore, one the hair is gone it is not gonna come again and effects are forever.


Side effects:

This one has few side effects as it is a bit deep invasion of the skin then your skin might get red, swollen and get painful. This procedure is a bit more uncomfortable than hair laser but it is tolerable.

Moreover this session also need multiple session because it is quite time-consuming. You dermatologist will divide the segments of skin and then treat each segment in multiple session. No of session also decided by the surface area. If you want to get it don on legs, chest or back then it require more number of sessions.

If this procedure is not performed carefully then it might leave scars which is not a good part. So it is best to choose a well experienced and broad certified doctor.


Which one is better?

Well, if we talk about the permanent results, then off course electrolysis is the better treatment as it is permanent. But if we compare the price range, then electrolysis is quite expensive than hair laser removal procedure.

Hair laser treatment is also good and cheaper but it is not long-lasting. If you start to regrow hair then it will more probably be thinner and lighter than before. It can can also last for quite a long time but not forever.

So decision also depends on you as what is your priority as if you want permanent treatment regardless the cost or you want to stick with the cheaper option that can last your for a while. Which is off course way more than the normal waxing or shaving time.

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