Hair Color Stick for instant hair dyeing at Home

by Asima Butt
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Hair Color Stick for instant hair dyeing at Home


This article has brought one more very useful hack for people who usually dye their  hair. It is also beneficial for those people who has white hair on their head. As we all know maintaining the dye in your hair is not very easy job. For example if you have dyed your hair in blonde color and after some time there will be new hair on roots. Which of course have original hair color and dyeing Is not something you can do everyday. You need something that can instantly dye your color from roots same as tips of hair.

Moreover if your hair tend to get white on certain areas then you can also use this hack for those hair. This article has brought you with a very interesting hack which involves making of hair color sticks. You can apply this stick like a lipstick on your hair and get the instant color change. This can save you from extra hard work as no one has enough time to dye their hair everyday.

You can make this stick by using simple things that might be available at your home or you can easily purchase it from market. For color you can use any eyeshadow or an old eyeshadow palette that you can utilize it instead of discarding it. You can make any color hair stick by using black, blonde or brown eyeshadow and crayon wax colors.


Here are some easy steps to make this hair stick in some easy steps.




  • eyeshadow palette

  • Crayon wax colors

  • Any good hair serum

  • Empty lipsticks



We will prepare both black and brown hair color stick in this method. First of all you need to take 1-2 pencils of a brown crayon wax color and 1-2 brown crayon wax pencil color. Now grate both color in separate bowls to at least make one and half teaspoon quantity. After that take eyeshadow palette and grate brown and black colors in different bowls. Now take 1-2 teaspoon of livon hair serum and add in each grated crayon wax color.

After that put these bowl in double boiler method so all the crayon wax melts down and get dissolved in hair serum. You can use any hair serum that is available in your house at the moment. When mixtures melt down in their bowl then take them away from heat.

Now add the corresponding eyeshadow powder in melted mixture and mix them well. When you are don with this procedure pour this mixture in empty lipstick body as shown in the picture. Leave that in room temperature for 20 minutes so it sets down to a hard form.




When your lipstick are ready as shown in the picture then you can apply it on your hair. You can easily take any color that you made according to your hair color and apply on roots or apply it where you have white/gray hair. Furthermore, you can use this colors for styling purpose. If you want to add some fake highlights of different color in hair then you can also use these sticks. You can keep these sticks on room temperature but if it is summers then you can keep it in refrigerator.


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