Top quick and effective hacks for active pimples

by Asima Butt
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Top quick and effective hacks for active pimples


There is a huge problem to very big pimple with gunk in it specially the day before you want to go somewhere. It is quite common to get them before any special occasion and ruin it for you. There are many trick on what you can do to calm it down or at least get flat so you can hide it with makeup later.

This will not make it invisible but at least it will take it down a bit. Do try to use this amazing remedy to get rid of big pimples, cysts or a type of pimple. You can use it anywhere on your body. It might be your face, back. Chest , thighs or shoulders.

What is acne/pimples?


It is actually present on skin in form of small or big red bump which might or might not have white gunk in it also called pustules. Most of the times it starts with black or white heads on the nose and cheeks. Some people get the deep and sever kind of pimples also called cyst. There are different types with multiple different reason and also require different treatments. some of the types and their appearances are mentioned in the picture.


This article will tell you about a special kind of hacks or remedies that you can prepare at home to get rid of this unwanted pimples. This is not some magic that will make them disappear overnight but it will be very helpful to bring down the inflammation and redness. When size is reduced then it is a bit easy to cover this pimple with a good concealer as compare to the big pimples. This will include a pharmaceutical substance as well that you can buy from any good pharmacy.. These hacks and remedies will purely serve for treating pimples and you do not have to apply on whole face.


Here are some top hacks and remedies:

  • Onions:

Onion is very strong antiseptic and it keeps the bacteria and any other type of microorganism on bay. It is used a zit zapper as you can apply it on your pimples to get rid of its inflammation and gunk overnight. It is because it has also anti inflammatory properties.




Take a teaspoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of onion juice. Mix them well and apply it through some cotton pad. Keep it on for 20 minutes after drying and then rinse it off. You can apply this pack daily. Or you can simply apply its juice on affected are or individual pimples for overnight.

2-Lemon juice:

Lemon juice has citric acid and a strong dry agent for pimple. Apply 2-3 drops of lemon juice on your pimples and it bring down the inflammation to the maximum level.

3-Ice cubes

One more effective way to bring down your inflammation is apply ice cubes on pimples as it will increase the circulation and healing process around the pimple. This will reduce the redness and swelling real fast.

4-Potato juice:

Just like onion and tomato, potato is also full of anti-inflammatory and microbial character. You can apply its juice on pimples as well for overnight to reduce the swelling and redness.

5-Benzyl penicillin:

Benzyl penicillin is also called penicillin G and it is an effective antibiotic which is used to treat various type of infections in the body. But here this injection which is in form of powder mixed with nay cream or Aloe Vera gel and it will be used to reduce the germs activity in and around the bacteria. This is how it will help to reduce the redness and size of the pimple.


You can also crush the aspirin tablets in ground powder form and mix with a little water so it can make a paste form. It’s microbial and anti-inflammatory nature will bring it down real fast.


7-Tea tree oil:

Also, you can try this remedy as it is very effective and has been used for quite long. You can apply few drops of tea tree oil drops on you pimples for whole night. This will not only bring down the inflammation but it will help to reduce the blemish as well.


8-Salt and apple vinegar:

You can add pinch of salt in a tablespoon of apple vinegar and apply on your pimples. This will also work amazing for reducing the inflammation and size of pimples. You might be able to get the gunk out of the pimple in few hours.


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