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We all know that it’s a struggle for oily skin people to keep the skin matte all day. It is almost impossible. Even oily skin can get dry patches and still be shiny. It’s mainly because your skin is dehydrated. This dehydration could be from inside like if you are not taking enough fluids. Or your skin is not getting enough attention regarding moisture.


People with oily skin tend to wash their face more than 4 times in a day which is not good. When we wash our face and specially with such face wash that are marketed to get all the oil away from skin. Also , very foamy and intense face wash that are specially designed for oily skin are not always good for skin. They are mainly involved in making skin even more dehydrated.

It in short makes or skin dry and our systems makes even makes more oil to compensate the loss of oil from skin. And at the end we are even way more oily. In the same way we are doing lots of things unknowingly which is making our case not any better. Oily skin is happening because of lot of reasons. It may include climate, hormones, food, stress and skin care product or makeup we use that clog our pores.

Today this article will teach you some hacks and tips that are best for oily skin. If you have extremely oily skin then you can follow these tips to avoid the excess sebum production on your face.

Hack and tricks to avoid oily skin:


There are some smart tricks for your skin to keep the oils at bay.

  • First it starts from a good cleanser. Make sure you use a gentle but an active cleanser like Neutrogena acne wash or any other cleanser which has no more than 2% salisylic acid or tea tree oil cleansers. Cleanse your face twice a day is enough otherwise your skin will get the stimulus of dehydration and it will produce even more oil.


  • Then comes to a good moisturizer with good UV protection and hyaluronic acid type moisturizing ingredients. And use it twice or thrice a day. Any light and non greasy moisturizes like cetaphil or cerave will work. Or ordinary brand moisturizers work fine too.


  • Now comes the toner as washing your face make your skin ph level changes. Good toners will work to balance your skin ph which is inclined to acidic. Make sure your toner is alcohol free. Even better choice is moisturizing toners.


  • The other best way is to use vitamin A or OTC retinols with 0.1% differin or adapelene. It has direct effect on sebaceous glands and reduce the amount of oil production.


  • Now comes the diet, it is most of the times is diet related. Avoid taking sugary and dairy products. Try to take vegetables and fruits.


  • AHA(ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS) are other best way to get rid of dead skin cells as well as oil production. The best way to use it is AHA in your toners to avoid its excess.


  • Next comes the blotting papers. Yes they are very cheap and any brand is fine. It is the best trick to absorb the excess oil from your skin throughout the day.


  • This is last but not least is oil controlling makeup. There are plenty of oil control primers and foundations out there. Like becca ever matte ,make forever primers, hylamide  mattifying primers. Loose powders also helps the oil control and foundations like estee lauder double wear. Mac studio fix fluid and etc . You need to find yours best that works for your skin.

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