Fenugreek Leaves for blemishes and fair skin

by Asima Butt
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Fenugreek Leaves for blemishes and fair skin



This article will introduce to a very unique ingredient which is fenugreek leaves. We will learn to make two mask out of these. It is best known to work for skin blemishes. As it reduces the skin pigmentation so it also help our skin to make it fair and radiant.


These leave are also known with the name of “methi” in some regions and it is quite famous for its many beneficial properties for skin and health.

Its leaves are also very good for other health problems like bowl problem, anemia, cholesterol, heart problem, blood pressure and diabetes.

Its best and main benefit for skin is that it treats acne blemishes or any kind of hyper pigmentation on skin. Which could be dark spot, under eye dark circles or freckles. It is worth giving a try for reducing your hyper-pigmentation or blemishes.


People usually use the pulp of these leave on their face just like that without adding any other ingredients. It also works wonder when applied on skin alone. But when other amazing ingredients are added in it so its functional properties get to maximum extent.

Here are some very easy steps one by one to make this mask.



How to make its paste?


  • Fenugreek leaves



You can make this mask by simply crushing or grinding it in a grinding machine. There is no such need to add water as leaves will have their juice while crushing them as shown in the


First we need this fenugreek leaves paste to make two types of mask. They are good for all skin type.


Method for 1st mask:



  • fenugreek leaves paste

  • Honey

We can make this mask by adding one teaspoon of honey in one teaspoon of fenugreek leaves paste and mix it well. Your mask is ready to use.



Method for second mask:



  • fenugreek leaves paste

  • Yogurt

For this mask, add one teaspoon of fenugreek leaves paste with one teaspoon of yogurt in a bowl and mix them together. Your mask is ready to use



You can use both mask in a same way. Try to make these fresh masks every time you want to use. Apply a thin layer of either of masks on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. At the end you can sprinkle water and massage it as well in a gentle but circular manner. Then rinse it off with Luke warm water. Apply some good moisturizer afterwards.

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