how to gain weight naturally for curvy body

by Asima Butt
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how to gain weight naturally for curvy body


Well all curvy body type is beautiful and people are not getting crazy for size zero anymore. This is actually a good news as you do not have to starve your body through different dieting charts. Getting curvy body is something else then getting fat. As you need proper and healthy fats in your body instead of just putting some extra pounds on.


Being underweight mean that your body weight is not according to your height, sex and age. There is an approximate chart which has quite a range for particular age and height. So your weight should fall in that range for healthy weight index. People who are underweight get their life complicated by more chance to get infections because of weak immune system. Moreover, they can get osteoporosis or have short life span according to researchers.


This article is nothing about body shaming but it is a guideline for the people who are underweight for any reason. This article will tell you some tips and trick that you can do at home and adding healthy diet in your lifestyle. Well eating and working out is also a key for this body type. When there are proper fats on thighs, breast and legs then you can easily achieve this body type. We will also tell you about some home remedy if you want to speed up this process.


Reasons for being underweight:


  • First and the important reason for being underweight might because of over activity of thyroid gland called hyperthyroidism. It make our body to do over work and involve in reducing the weight of patient.
  • Some underlying health conditions like diabetes, cancer,HIV, tuberculosis and stomach or intestinal abnormalities can lead to weight loss.
  • A certain type of eating disorder which is called anorexia nervosa cause by serious mental health condition.
  • It can also be cause by poor nutritional diet or you don’t care enough to eat healthy. Or you might have some hunger disorders.


Here are some easy tips and trick that you can do gain proper weight for curvy and healthy body:

How to gain weight naturally?


1-Take Extra calories:


To gain weight, first thing you need to consider is by taking more calories in your diet. As you can add food that have more calories in them. You need to take more calories than you actually need. try to take fruits, fatty food and stuff which has more calories.

2-Eat in more meals per day:


You can take more meals per day 4-6 according to your target weight. For example if you eat 2-3 meals per day then you can gradually increase it from 3-4 then 4-5 . Because you can’t suddenly add extra food to your diet as your body might not accept it as underweight people feel less hungry.


3-Add more protein in your diet:


Next very important thing you can do by adding more protein like meat, eggs, dairy, lentils and fish in your diet. This will help you to build up more muscle and can add extra pounds in your weight.

Make sure your don’t take it too much as it they digestion time is quite high and you might feel less hungry after eating it.


4-sleep for at least 7-9 hours:


Take more sleep and it is also a key toward gaining weight. As this is process your body is at rest and it helps you to build muscle in your body.




Do certain types of exercise that will help you to build and shape your muscles as well. Like your thighs and hips need to get more muscle and fat to have that curvy body.


6-Water intake:

Do not drink water before or middle of your meal as it can reduce your hunger so you can take it after your meal.


7-Snacks and drinks:


Well you can start taking more snacks, drinks, dairy, bakery products,smoothies and shakes. This will help a lot to gain extra pounds as I swear by it.


8- take clarified butter :

you can replace your butter or oil with clarified butter as it will help you a lot to gain weight in less time.




Home remedy in breakfast:


  • Milk

  • Sugar

  • Mango

  • Dates

  • Banana


You can mix these ingredients to make a shake which you can take in breakfast every morning. Moreover use clarified butter or peanut butter in your breakfast.

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