Full Body Whitening Drink in 20 days

by Asima Butt
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Full Body Whitening Drink  in 20 days

As we know there lot of things to apply on skin for whitening process but only that part become white where you apply the creams or serums you use in your skin care. But the problem is you can’t use this whole process on your whole body and it’s not a pretty picture.

when your face is white but neck hand and feet show different skin tones. So in that case natural remedies like foods or any type of drink that will have effects throughout your body.

This is which is going to be introduced in this page will not only help you in whitening and toning you complexion but will also help to deal with multiple other skin issues like oily skin, blackhead, acne and improving skin texture in the most possible and natural way.


Mint leaves have salicylic acid and prevent skin from acne vulgaris. Mint has one very important function which has very brighten effect on skin. It has extremely refreshing and soothing effects on skin, when applied on skin it leaves skin relaxed while acting on skin blemishes.

Mint also lock moisture in your skin and one of hydrating properties are its gifts, it also helps in tighten of pores. So in short it helps in improving large pore and oily skin have little bit effects on improving skin texture. it is use in many type of products like moisturizers , toners and soaps etc. It helps in even out the skin tone. It is mild astringent that used inn toners.

As mentioned above it makes the skin pore clean and tight so it prevents the skin from blackheads and prevent from happening again. It improves blood circulation and insures that you skin is well nourished. This rejuvenates your skin and keep it healthy. Mint leaves contain salicylic acid that helps acne , blemishes and scar removal. It has anti oxidant properties.

It removes and loosen up dead skin cell and make sure the new cells which are turning over are healthy. It also helps with under eye dark circles.
If you apply it on your face along drinking it then you can get even more tremendous results.


1-Mint leaves
3-Lemon juice


Boiling mint in water

Take steel bowl and put mint leaves in it and add one liter of water in it. Now put this steel pan on stove and let it boil for 20 to 30 minutes. After that filter it with some filter tool. Now put in some jug or bottle and store in some refrigerator.


It’s use depends on you how you want to take it. You can take it as hot or cold. You can either add honey or lemon juice it. It’s according to your desire. You need to take two glasses of it daily.

One you can take it in morning when you wake up and and second glass is need to be taken in evening around 4-5 pm.

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