Freckle Treatment with homemade natural serum

by Asima Butt
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Freckle Treatment with homemade natural serum


Today this article will guide you to solve a problem which is hyperpigmentation on your face which is present in form of freckles. This involves preparing of a serum with extremely beneficial and natural ingredients.

Freckles is one of the main problem experienced by some people usually living in hill area but it is also genetic. In most countries and culture, it is considered a sign of natural beauty. People likes freckles but the situation get bad when skin is exposed to sun for a long time.

UV and B rays from sun cause hyper activation of melanocytes and increase the production of melanin. Because of that the pigmentation of skin is increased and these freckles and dark spot become even more visible. Some people get dark patches of the cheekbones which doesn’t look pretty. Overall it give non uniform color to the skin. In short you have to use color correction every time you use makeup. Here you will learn how you can use homemade things to do remedies and save yourself some bucks

Here are some easy steps to make this serum at home:



  • baking soda

  • Kolonji oil/black seeds oil

  • Vitamin E capsule/almond oil

Method and use:


First of all, you need to take half teaspoon of baking soda and add one teaspoon of kolonji oil in it. At the end add few drops of almond oil and mix the mixture well. Your serum is ready as shown in the picture.

Apply this moisturizer daily on your cheeks or body where the area has got sensitive because of exposure to the sum.  You can also apply a thin layer normally on freckles and massage it until the oil gets absorbed into the skin. Leave it on for whole night. Then cleanse your face next morning with a good cleanser and apply a good moisturizer. Use it daily once or twice a day to speed up the process as it contains essential oil so it will keep your skin hydrated as well.

Benefits of ingredients:

baking soda:

Baking soda soap is a mind-blowing remedy for acne, blackheads and exfoliation. It has strong anti-microbial properties and it dry out the existing acne and work on blemishes. As an exfoliant it removes dead cell from face or body and cleanse the pores. It is also good for oily skin people and it controls a little bit production of sebum on your skin.

If we use it in regular soaps or cleanser so we can avail its benefits on daily basis. As our underarms and under legs as some natural darkness or hyper-pigmentation and ladies get laser treatments done to get rid of it  But all of us can’t afford these expensive multiple laser session so there are some ways make a special type of serum at home to get rid of these a little darker spots on your face in a natural way.

Vitamin E/almond oil:


It is also a great source for an antioxidant and rich with hydrating contents. It protects the skin from damaging effects of sun rays and reduce the texture on skin by preventing premature aging. This vitamin lock the moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated for long hours.

Applying this vitamin E oil on textured and wrinkles skin will help a lot to improve it. It is blessed to heal any kind of wound or acne scars. This vitamin is rich with essential nutrients and it is quite great fat soluble with any anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore which helps it to deal with any kind of infection or inflammation on skin.

Kolonji oil:

Nigella seeds oil are usually used for skin to fight acne. It has maximum power to improve the texture of the skin as it has essential fatty acids like lenoleic acid and lenoilenic acid. Our body can not produce these essential fatty acid by is own. We can fulfil its need by either applying or eating these seeds in our food.

These seed proved to be very good for oily skin. If it is used to scrub on your skin gently then it can unclog your pores and remove the dust and oil particles from it.

Nigella seeds also called cumin has very strong microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps the skin from any type of skin condition and infection. Which is why it is very useful for people with acne. Moreover they have a tremendous role in reducing the pigmentation on skin and freckles on face and body.





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