Facial and body cleanser for Fair, and Spotless Skin

by Asima Butt
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Facial and body cleanser for Fair, and Spotless Skin

Cleanser are very important for our skin ans we all know that. We mostly give time and attention to out facial skin while we mostly ignore the body. But when body doesn’t match your facial skin regarding fairness or smoothness then it doesn’t give a pretty picture. We should also take equal and effective measures for out body skin as well as it needs to exfoliation and cleansed as well.

That will be even better if we get some kind of cleanser that will work for both our body and our facial skin. This article will teach you to make a certain type of cleanser that will can be used overall on you skin. It will give you exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing effects. You can use this cleanser for taking your makeup off as well. If you take a bath then you can use it as a body wash.

This cleanser includes natural ingredients like honey, rose-water and baby oil or almond oil. This will make huge difference in your complexion and it will reduce the dark spots on your skin as well.

Benefits of ingredients:


Honey is the most soothing ingredient as it has powerful blessing to treat wounds and heal sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory and microbial that make it even stronger to treat acne or other skin infections. Honey with all other oils will provide the skin with maximum hydration. You will never get dry or flaky skin after its use. You can use it on your whole body to get it effects on skin of your body even the acne on your back or chest.

This face wash with its all ingredients will provide you antioxidant properties as well. As it reduces the oxidation process in skin cells that are caused by damaging rays of sun. This process is reduced to maximum level and this is how it will prevent your skin from premature aging. It will increase the cell turnover and you will get fresh, new and younger looking skin with full of glow.


Rose water is one of the most important thing that is being used for many ages in beauty products and skin care regime. It has never failed any one in any age. People with dry,oily and combination skin tend to respond very well to this water. This is highly unlikely that someone can get any bad reaction from it but still possibilities are there. You must try it on small patch of your skin to see if you get any allergic reaction from it. Most of the it is safe to use in any skin mask, moisturizer, scrubs and toner.

Rose water is anti inflammatory that will help skin with any kind of infection or swelling. Many types of skin condition like acne, eczema and dermatitis show good response to rose-water. dirt, oil, blackheads and dust particles come off from skin easily by its use. that is why many cosmetic and skin care brand use this in their cleansers and tuners.

Here are some easy steps to make this cleanser at home:


  • Any transparent soap

  • Honey

  • Rose-water

  • Baby oil



First of all take half soap and grate it in a grinding machine. then add half cup of rose-water in and grind it in this grinding machine. You will get a foam and cream like textured mixture in it and now add 1/4th cup of honey in this mixture.

After that add 7-8 teaspoon of baby oil in this mixture and grind it again. Now take out the mixture out of it and pour it in a suitable bottle. Your cleanser is ready to use.



You can use it everyday or night whenever you want to cleanse. It can be either used on face or body. It will work for both equally and nicely. Apply the thin layer on your face and massage it for a minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can apply this only body by using a bathing sponge while taking a shower. This will give whitening effects to both your face and the body. Keep using it for at least a month to notice the prominent results on your skin.


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