Face toner for acne and sensitive skin in winters

by Asima Butt
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Face toner for acne and sensitive skin in winters


This article has brought you one very effective home remedy which involves face toner. It is something you use after washing your face or after facial. These toners have soothing effects for skin and they reduce its inflammation.We will use some very soothing and beneficial ingredients in this which are proved to be effective.

These toners are formulated for daily use especially for acne and aging skin. Ingredients present in these are microbial and anti-inflammatory which will bring down the swelling and any kind of rashes on skin. These mtoners involves fennel seeds and rice water type of ingredients which are proved to be best to improve the texture of skin. They also give glow and healthy brightness to the skin. These mist are actually a kind of toning solution.


Here are some easy steps to make these spray at home:


Fennel seeds face mist:



  • fennel seeds

  • Rose-water

  • Water

  • Empty bottle



To make this mist you need 1-2 tablespoon of fennel seeds and wash them properly. Then take 2 cup of water and add in a pan and boil it with 2 tablespoon of fennel seeds. When quantity of water reduces to half , like 2 cup of water reduce to one cup then you can put it away from heat.

Now strain this mixture and separate the remaining seeds from liquid mixture. After that take half cup of fennel seeds water and pour half cup of rose-water in it. Mix the mixture well and Pour this mixture in a suitable bottle for daily convenient use.


Moreover you can use it on daily basis when you are at home. If it suits you so you can even use it before makeup. These spray are specially formulated for sensitive and acne prone skin. As these ingredients have microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. They bring down the swelling of any pimples and reduce other type of infection which causes rashes or small pimples on forehead. Just spray the water on your face every time you wash your face or before applying moisturizer.


Rice water face mist:




  • Water

  • Rice

  • Rose-water




To prepare this mist, first take one cup of water and add 1-2 tablespoon of raw rice after washing it properly. Then put this rice and water in a grinding machine. Blend this mixture until it make a fine solution without any rice big particles. If you think there are big particles then you can further strain the solution through a strainer.

Now boil this mixture on the stove with medium heat and make sure do not heat it up so much that it starts to get thicker. It is a mist so we need it in a thin form. Just heat it up on medium heat for 10 minutes then put it away from heat.

After that take 3 part of this solution and add one part of rose-water. Mix the mixture well and pour it in some suitable bottle.


Use this mist every morning after washing your face. You can apply it any time on face when do you want. This is the best toner for aging skin as it help a lot with aging and textured skin. You can even apply it before applying primer on your skin. Your primer will stick to the mist particle and it won’t let your makeup move a bit.


Benefits of ingredients:


Fennel seeds:


Fennel seeds that are going to be used in this drink are very famous for being very rich with nutrients like calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron and potassium. They nourish our skin and hair from its roots by stimulating our hair follicles to grow hair and provide it with essential proteins. Taking these seeds is overall very beneficial for our health.

These seeds are very good for skin as well. They have microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which are proved to be very good for acne prone skin. It also give skin bright and a very healthy glow.



Rice is used for this mask has outstanding properties for exfoliation. As it has specific enzyme that loosen up the dead skin cell from face and eats out the dead cells. You can even scrub it off from your face by a gentle message.

It is best known for oil absorbing and anti aging properties. It is best for oily and acne prone skin. One of the main reason for acne is oily skin. That tends to trap dirt in pores and it gets inflamed easily by facilitating the growth of acne bacteria. This mask will help to take off the dead skin cells. It cleanses the pores deeply and absorb any excess oil . It also helps in tightening of skin pores. This is how they appear small and skin shows less texture.

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