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Dry skin is one of the major problem in half of population in any region. Specially when winter comes, the situation get even worse. As this type of skin shows that person is dehydrated from even inside. Dead skin cells and flakes of dry skin on face never look attractive and pretty. Therefore, People with such skin needs heavy but gentle exfoliation with heavy moisturizer afterward and they should also take great care about their diet.

We all are well aware of the fuller’s earth. Most of us have probably used it at least once in life. It is not some new product that recently came in market. Furthermore, Many regions has been using it for ages because of its beneficial effects on skin.

All skin type has shown good results with its use. Today this article will introduce a unique way to make a moisturizer, whitening and skin tightening face pack from fuller’s earth.  The ingredients used in this cream are well proved to be effective to fulfill all these purpose

This article will guide you that how can you do home remedies to get rid of dryness on your face. Here are some easy steps one by one:



  • Fuller’s earth

  • Honey

  • Yogurt

  • Rose water




You can make this face pack at home by taking one tablespoon of fuller’s earth in a glass bowl and add one teaspoon of honey it. Then add one teaspoon of yogurt. At the end you need enough rose-water to get a desired texture. This is how you face pack is ready to use.



You can simply apply this face mask through a brush or simply from your fingers. Make sure to wash your hands and face before applying this mask.Then leave it on face for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse your face with Luke warm water. You can even message on your face for 2-3 minutes before washing your face. It is only used once or twice a week. Any type of skin care product is mostly better when you do it a night before going to bed. One important thing you need to remember is,  you need to make fresh mask every time you want to use it.



Fuller’s earth is famous for its exfoliation properties. It takes off the dead skin cell from the face and in return it deeply cleanses your pores. Also , It has great role in helping with control on oil production and gives your skin tightening effect. Furthermore, It is good for people of all age. Hence, It even treats acne and reduces the blackheads, cyst and blemishes from your skin.

Skin tans are also reduced by it. If you have some sun burn on your skin or even on body then it helps to take away the pigmentation. It has proved to be very effective in reducing the blackheads and white heads through scrubbing. Fuller’s earth also contain antiseptic and cooling properties.  most importantly, It also helps in fading scars and can be used as warm and cold compress.

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