Face mask for wrinkle and loose skin at home:

by Asima Butt
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Face pack for wrinkle and loose skin at home:


As the aging process goes on with our age, we all know that the loose skin and open pores come along with it. It is not only problem of the advanced age but young girls with oily skin and acne prone skin has to face this problem as well. Some people get this problem by genes. So this article will help you to understand a simple home remedy to solve these problems to some extent by using simple and natural ingredients. We will use egg white today to prepare this mask. Here are some very easy steps one by one.



  • Aniseed fine powder

  • White vinegar

  • Egg white

  • Psyllium  ( ispaghol ka chilka)



First of all you need to take fine powder of aniseed by grinding it in a grinding machine and filtering its fine powder through a cotton clothe as show in the picture:

Add one egg white in a clean bowl with one teaspoon of aniseed fine powder and one teaspoon of psyllium powder in it.

Mix it well, after that we will wait for almost 10-15 minutes so the psyllium will get swollen up in the mixture.

At the end less than half teaspoon of rose water in it and mix it well. Your anti aging mask is ready as shown in the picture.



You can simply apply this as a thin layer on your skin and massage it very gently on your skin for 10-15 minutes then rinse it off. Apply some good moisturizer afterwards.

Try to make enough quantity that only last for a day. This mask is best if used fresh on the skin.


Benefits of ingredients:

Egg white:

Egg white is the best ingredient for skin tightening and shrinking large pores because of its astringent properties. You can feel the difference when you apply it on your face. Apply on area around the eyes where you feel fine lines. It also very great to fight against acne and formation of new scars.

Egg white helps against oily skin and give a very nice glow to the skin. It also help in reducing blackhead from your nose and in cheeks.


Aniseed powder:

Aniseed is rich with so many useful characteristics that is amazingly beneficial for our skin. It is strong anti septic, anti spasmodic, stimulant, digestive and sedative properties. It help in relieving many skin condition in quite a short time. Its powder is used in many products to fight against acne and its blemishes. Even acne scars do response to its effects. It is detoxifying as well. This mask used up this powder to give your skin acne and blemish free skin with younger looking glow.


White vinegar:

White or apple cider vinegar both are very beneficial for our skin. It is use to balance the pH of our skin specially right after washing our face. That is why is used in facial toner. It helps to relieve the flaky skin, dryness acne and even itching on the body or scalp.

Vinegar helps use with acne as well. It fights against its bacteria and reduce the bump size. Body odors get reduce to maximum extent by its use specially under arms and foot area.

It has tremendous effects for dandruff on scalp and reduce the skin blemishes and dark spots as well.


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