Eid Special Skin Whitening and Tightening starch powder

by Asima Butt
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Eid Special Skin Brightening,Whitening and Tightening powder




Today this article will talk about how to make starch powder at home with natural ingredients like yellow split peas. As this is quite old tradition to use for brides to be and it is applied in a traditional ceremony or Eid which give very beautiful glow to the skin. You can also make it at home and apply it for skin whitening. Furthermore, it even out the skin tone and you can add certain ingredients for glowing skin.

It is good for both oily and dry skin but you can add certain ingredients according to your skin type. For example if you have dry skin types then you can add additional hydrating ingredients and essential oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil or almond oil. Or you can make a clay based ubtan for oily skin.




Procedure for split chickpeas starch/powder:




  • split chickpeas

  • Water



For this starch, you need to take half cup of split chickpeas in a bowl and add 2 and half cup of water in it. Let it be on room temperature for 6-7 hours in fridge if it is summer or on room temperature in winters. After these hours put this mixture in a blending machine and grind it till it makes a homogeneous mixture. Then filter this mixture through a thin cotton cloth as shown in the picture.

You need to take the filtered solution and keep it just like that for 20-30 minutes so all the starch will set on bottom of the bowl. Then pour the solution in another bowl as shown in the picture and you will get the thick layer of starch sticking to the bottom of bowl. You can repeat this process with filtered solution two to three times to get the maximum quantity of starch.

Then spread this starch on a flat plate and let it dry down on room temperature, under the fan or in sunlight. After that this starch will take a powder form and collect all the starch together and grind it in a blending machine. You can also grind it with a crushing method and in either ways you will get a fine powder form of this starch.


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Now you can put this powder in a suitable container as shown in the picture and store it in dry and cool place. Make sure your container is airtight and there is no moisture in it. You can use it in various procedures, masks and creams. Also the filtered solution you got, you don need to discard it as you can use it for facial purpose.


Procedure for skin whitening mask:




  • starch powder

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Water spray




You can take the 1-2 teaspoon of starch powder in a bowl and add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Mix it until you get the creamy form and apply it on your face, neck and hands. Leave it on your skin for at least 10-20 minutes. The sprinkle some water on it and massage it for at least  minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.also apply a good moisturizer afterwards.

Procedure for anti-wrinkle mask:




  • egg white

  • Starch powder




You need to take one egg white and add 2 teaspoon of starch powder in it. Mix it well and apply it on your face, neck and hands. Leave it on your skin for at least 10-20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.also apply a good moisturizer afterwards to restore the skin moisture balance.


Benefits of split chickpeas or its starch powder:


Yellow peas are extremely beneficial and important for your daily skin care routine. It has so many benefits which are not just for health but it has taken quite the top place in skin care for home remedies. People have used this flour for quite long in their daily skin care regime.

Yellow pea helps to improve the tanning of skin which is caused by UV damaging rays of the sun. Hence it is helping in whitening of skin and give it a fresh glow. It loosens up the dead skin cells on your facial skin and which come off easily by a gentle scrub and promote the renewal of out layer. Then you have fresh and younger looking skin. Furthermore, it gives you an instant glow.



Benefits of ingredients:

All the ingredients mixed together will benefit our skin to the maximum level. This will help our skin to loosen up the top dead skin layer and it will eventually come off with gently massage. The face polishing powder will provide our skin with maximum protein and essential oil like nutrients and many more. This powder will stimulate and gather the elastin and collagen to be produced more and smooth out the skin.

This will even increase the blood circulation to our face area which will help to reduce the acne and blemishes. Antioxidants present in this powder or combined with lemon or tomato will bring down the damaging effects of sun. In short its regular use will do rejuvenation for our skin that you might get in salon facials.


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