Egg White OIL For Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Treatment

by Asima Butt
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 Egg White OIL For Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Treatment

The aging process goes on with our age, we all know that the loose skin and open pores come along with it. Sometimes it comes with textured skin as well. It is not only problem of the advanced age but young girls with oily skin and acne prone skin has to face this problem as well. Some people get this problem by genes. So this article will help you to understand a simple home remedy to solve these problems to some extent by using simple and natural ingredients. We will use egg white today to prepare this oil.


Causes of premature aging:

Anti aging is very programmed and natural process where many genetic and physical changes are going on in body. Real cause of this is still uncertain as methylation of DNA goes on and many natural proteins and hormones starts to decrease. We don’t only feel this aging process internally but also externally on skin. It is first starts to show on your skin or face.

Main reason of aging of skin is due to sun. Every single second spent in sunlight is culprit behind it. Because damaging UV rays of sun cause oxidation process on skin which cause emission of free radicals and they cause dull and wrinkled skin.

There are many products in market that claimed to b anti aging for your skin and they are very costly. Here in this article we will guide you that how you can do some things as home remedies to prevent the fast aging process. You will learn how you can avoid certain things to slow down this process.

Here are some easy steps to prepare this oil at home:


  • egg white

  • Coconut oil

  • Vitamin E capsule


First of all you need raw egg white that you can easily separate from egg yolk. After that take one cup of coconut oil and put this egg white in it. Now you have two option: either you can beat this mixture with a fork for 5-10 minutes or you can beat this mixture with a beating machine for 3 minutes.

After all of this you will get a thick consistency and put in a rough pan. Use some rough pan as this mixture is gonna burnt on bottom. Then put this pan on stove and give it a slow flame. Your egg will start to cook in coconut oil. Keep cooking it until all the egg gets stick to the bottom and all of it oil will come on top.

Now turn off the flame and leave it for a while to let it cool down a bit. After that filter the mixture in a cup through a strainer as shown in the picture. Add 3-4 capsules of vitamin E in this oil and mix it well. Your oil is ready to use.


Use it everyday on you skin or you can also use it at night before going to bed. Take small quantity of oil and massage your affected area with it. Leave it for overnight or wash it after 2 hours. Keep using it for a month or two to see the results. You can store it in normal room temperature.


Benefits of egg white:

Egg white is the best ingredient for skin tightening and shrinking large pores because of its astringent properties. You can feel the difference when you apply it on your face. Apply on area around the eyes where you feel fine lines. It also very great to fight against acne and formation of new scars. Egg white helps against oily skin and give a very nice glow to the skin. It also help in reducing black head from your nose and in cheeks.

Egg white will give your skin tightening effect and it will also shrink the pores after deep cleansing it.







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