Does brushing wet hair causes more hair fall and breakage?

by Asima Butt
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Does brushing wet hair causes more hair fall and breakage?


It is quite a debatable topic as you might have heard before at least once in your life.  That brushing the hair when it’s wet is bad and cause more hair fall than normal.

Well to this point it is neither true nor false. Why? Because it is true that when our hair is wet they are more vulnerable to breakage than when they are dry. Though hair is at its weaker point when they are wet. But what’s the point to let it dry and get more tangles and breakage while combing. So it also depends on the hair type and what kind of comb/brush you are using?


Combing on curly hair:


As it is easier to comb  the curly hair when they are wet. Because curly hair are more prone to get tangled while combing when they are dry. A right brush is very important during this process. Try to use some brush which has soft bristles so hair don’t get stuck with it. And also, they have a smooth shaft so they can easily bent through the hair while it experience any knot or tangle. Also, use a hair softening serum before combing your hair so it might resolve the tangles and make them easier to work on.


Combing for straight or wavy hair:


If we talk about straight or wavy hair then it is better to wait for 15 minutes prior combing your hair. These types of hair also need proper serums that make the hair soft and when we comb it so comb glide easily. There is one more point to remember in all types of hair is do not comb your hair from roots to top when they are wet. As it increases the chance of hair to come out easily from hair follicles. Moreover use soft and wider comb/brush with soft bristles.


Combing for already damaged hair:


Apart from the hair types there are some conditions in which your hair get weak and damaged. So combing them cause easy breakage and hair fall.

  • When you hair is chemically treated like dyeing, rebonding or perming.
  • If you give so much heat to your hair through styling tools like hair straightener or blow dryer.
  • Apart from styling tools, if you use so many hair styling products like hair gel, wax and spray.
  • You can also experience hair weakness or breakage if you have internal nutritional deficiency like lack of protein diet or vitamins.
  • Your condition might be genetic and it runs in your family.
  • If you wear particular hairstyle regularly so this can also cause you hair to get weaker on particular site of scalp.
  • It also can be caused by some underlying health condition and medication.
  • Simple cause might be because you are not giving your hair proper care and oiling or trimming.


So whatever the reasons might be you need to start giving so your hair extra care when you know they are damaged. When hair are weaker and damage already so you might lose them while combing them in wet conditions.

So best way is to comb these type of hair to get good shampoo and conditioner which nourish and make your hair smooth and soft. Also, apply good serum to aid this process and use soft and wider teeth comb instead of brushes with metal bristles. Start combing from tips in sections and then move upward.

Also get your hair treated with proper nutritional and proteins therapy at least once a month. Which can improve the health and quality of your hair.


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