Day & Night anti-aging gel  Skin Tightening

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Day & Night GEL For Younger, Skin Tightening and Anti Aging

anti-aging gel

Aging is very programmed and natural process where many genetic and physical changes are going on in body. Real cause of this is still uncertain as methylation of DNA goes on and many natural proteins and hormones starts to decrease. We don’t only feel this aging process internally but also externally on skin. It is first starts to show on your skin or face.

Main reason of aging of skin is due to sun. Every single second spent in sunlight is culprit behind it. Because damaging UV rays of sun cause oxidation process on skin which cause emission of free radicals and they cause dull and wrinkled skin.

There are many products in market that claimed to b anti aging for your skin and they are very costly. Here in this article we will guide you that how you can do some things as home remedies to prevent the fast aging process. You will learn how you can slow down this process by using a very simple but effective remedy for it by mainly using flaxseeds and aloe vera gel.


Here are some easy steps to follow:



Procedure for aloe vera gel:




Aloe Vera fresh leaves




First get the Aloe Vera freshly from its plant and wash all the leaves properly. Now cut the upper fine layer of leaf from a knife and get the gel from a spoon and folk in a squeezing method.Glide the spoon firmly in one direction by holding other end with strong grip of fork. By doing this fresh aloe Vera gel will come out easily. Put this fresh gel-like sticky material in a bowl and repeat the process with all the leaves.
After that you need to put the gel in a grinder and grind it properly. You have now got fresh aloe Vera gel as shown in the picture.


Benefits of aloe vera gel:

Aloe Vera gel has outstanding and amazing benefits for our skin, hair and even the internal system. It is good for even those who people who have some underlying disease conditions like diabetes. It contains two hormones auxin and gibberellins that helps in wound healing and inflammation of the skin. Therefore used in some medicine to treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema. it  has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties thus can be used for hair and skin good health.  Aloe Vera gel has strong anti-oxidant as well and prevents the skin from photo-aging.


EYE GEL for Dark Circles, Under Eye Wrinkles and Eye Bags

Procedure for flaxseed gel:




  • Flaxseeds
  • water


You need to take 2 tablespoon of flaxseeds in a pan and add almost half cup of water. Put it in flame for few minutes so flaxseed ingredients can get dissolved into water. After that filter this solution through a strainer while it is hot as shown in the picture. The filter liquid is the content we need to make its gel.



Procedure for anti aging gel:




  • Fresh aloe vera gel

  • flaxseeds filtered solution

  • Lemon


Method and use:


First of all put 2-3 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera gel in a blending machine and also add equal quantity of flaxeeds solution. At the end, also add fresh juice of a medium size lemon. Blend this mixture until it makes a homogeneous solution. You can pour this gel in a suitable container to make other remedies by using this gel.

You can store this gel in refrigerator for a week or more.furthermore, You can also use this gel to apply as it is on your face, neck and hands like a mask for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Also don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer on your face as well. You can store this gel in fridge for a week or more.


Procedure for Anti-aging face wash cream:




  • anti-aging gel

  • Baby soap/any soap

  • Rose water

Method and use:


To make this cream, first of all you need half cup of rose-water in a bowl and add 1/4th part of a soap in this in a grated form. You can give this mixture heat for few seconds in microwave or through double boiler method to dissolve the soap. Then add 2-3 big tablespoon of freshly prepare anti-aging gel and mix the mixture well. Now your face wash cream is ready as well as shown in the picture. You can use it twice a day and store it in fridge or in dry and cool place for a week.


Easiest way to extract Aloe Vera gel form its leaves

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