Dates Syrup for Babies, Kids and Mothers in winters

by Asima Butt
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Dates Syrup for Babies, Kids and Mothers in winters


Today this article will discuss about a very important ingredient that you can use in your daily life. You will learn about dates that how they are good for you and your kids. You can learn to make its syrup and give to your kids according to their age.Dates are rich with vitamin C , vitamin K, zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins and very less total fat.

Moreover it contains other important nutrients like folate, thiamine niacin and riboflavin. With all these nutrient, they have huge importance in improving your health. As these important vitamins are involved in increasing the energy level in body, great for even pregnancy,improve nervous system and cholesterol level in the body.

Benefits of Dates:


Dates are very good source of fiber in your body that is why it prevents and even control the constipation problem. As it stimulate the digestive tract motility and speed-up the digestion problem.Because of presence of abundant potassium, it even helps to improve diarrhea in human body.


It has particular level of vitamins that prevents the heart diseases. The special kind of antioxidant present in it will help to remove any kind of plaque in blood vessels due to increase level of cholesterol in blood. They also control heart disease because of presence of abundant potassium and control the blood pressure in body. Which in return control the heart issues regarding blood pressure.


When kids take dates regularly in their daily routine, they will have stronger bones because of presence of calcium, magnesium, selenium and manganese. As right and maximum bone development is very important in growing kids.

Dates also have right kind of sugar in it and its use in kids and pregnant women cause increase in energy boost. You will feel extra energetic with its daily use.


This is best for those people who are in struggle to gain the weight. Yes! Losing weight is not always a problem some people wants to weight gain as being too skin is also not very good. This can help you to put in some extra pounds.people also use for hair fall control. As it has certain nutrients and proteins that are responsible for stimulation to hair follicles. In return which helps to grow the hair and make hair follicles stronger overall.


This fruit is great source of antioxidants that are extremely good for your skin as they protect you for sun. Sun is the major cause of dullness in skin, skin tanning and premature aging. But antioxidant can save you by reducing the oxidation process in skin cells which in return decrease the free radicals formation. For this activity, dates can prevent your skin from premature aging, keep your skin with full of glow and speed up the cell turn over. At the end your skin give a very healthy and fair glow.



Here are some easy steps to make this dates syrup at home:



  • Dates

  • water



First of all you need a handful of dates and cut it from the middle and take out its seeds. After that check it carefully from inside if that date is fine and able to use or not. Then take one glass of water, add it in grinding machine and add dates as well.

Now grind this in a grinding machine to get a thick consistency. After that filter this mixture through a strainer as shown in the picture. Get it filtered material in different glass. You can grind the pulp again in water and filter it again through the strainer to get more syrup of it.

Your syrup is ready and you can use it now in a suitable jar or glass.



You need to remember it adds extra pounds in your weight. If you are trying to lose weight then try to avoid dates.

For babies and kids, give it half to one teaspoon once and everyday. If you are skinny then you can take 2 teaspoon everyday. For adults half-one teaspoon of dates syrup is enough.a pregnant lady can also take 1-2 teaspoon everyday as it is very supportive in pregnancy. It increase the metabolism and improve in digestion which is quite the problem is pregnant ladies.


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