Natural ways to reduce dark circle in 15 days

by Asima Butt
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Natural ways to reduce dark circle in 15 days

Today this article will explore the problem about dark circles under your eyes. 40% population have them genetically. This is a real struggle to deal with them. Girls get very expensive concealers in market to hide them under makeup. But this is not a permanent solution Some people have really very dark circles that are not even possible to cover under makeup. It is not always necessary to apply something topical to get rid of them. Sometime its some type of deficiency in our body that can only fulfilled by taking certain nutrients that are deficient and causing dark circles around our eyes.


Causes of dark circles:

Dark circles are caused by anything that cause tension or itching around the eyes. It can also cause by stressing your shoulder or eye muscles for long period of time. When you don’t get enough sleep at night or study long hours without giving your eyes rest.

If you have particular health condition like anemia, eczema, asthma or allergies. Certain type of medicines can also cause dark circle around eyes of some people. Some people get dark circles around eyes with advancing age.

Sometime it is for no reason, it is just periorbital hyperpigmentation mostly cause by genes. Fatigue and stress can also induce its existence.


 Best ways to reduce dark circles naturally:

  • First and the most thing you could do to reduce these dark circle is taking full sleep for at least 7-8 hours for adult. Because we need to minimize the causes first that are causing this problem.


  • Next thing is do not strain your eye by reading very closely or looking very closely at electronic devices. As this cause ocular pressure and sometimes your eyes can even turn red.


  • If you find difficult reading then you should must get you eyesight checked and get glasses so this can reduce pressure on eyes and shoulder muscles. Without it you might often feel headache while concentrating on things closely.Moreover , try to sit in a right posture and make sure lighting is on what you are reading. This will also reduce the pressure on your eyes while reading.


  • One of the best home remedy is to use cucumber on your dark eye circle. You can do so my grating the cucumber and apply it under your eyes. You can also keep the whole slice on your eyes as it juice has so many vitamins and nutrients that will help to get rid of them.


  • Potato is another very important vegetable for this purpose.potato helps the skin to fight against acne and dark spots. It works for your skin in giving it lightning effect. It in short helps with blemishes and dark circles.Potato ,apple and cucumber have vitamin c in them.which is the most important part of any skin care routine of any skin type. This helps with any dark spots or hyperpigmentation on skin. You can also add almond oil drops in its grated version and then apply on eyes.


  • You ca prepare one more home remedy through using natural tomatoes. Moreover mash the tomato in a smooth paste and add one-2 tablespoon of rose-water in it. Then dip cotton pad in it and leave these on your eyes for at least an hour.


  • Also, do not forget to apply some good serum or under eye cream as this routine care will prevent the dark circles for coming again.


  • Yoga or relaxing exercises can also reduce the pressure on your eyes which can be the leading cause of dark circles. Because main purpose is to give minimum pressure to the eyes.

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