Blackheads causes, prevention and treatments

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Blackheads causes, prevention and treatments


What are blackheads?

Blackhead is actually with or without slight elevation on the skin which is caused by blockage of hair follicle with sebum and dirt. When it has a closed surface it is called whitehead but when this surface open and it is exposed to air.This turn it into a dark or black spot called blackhead as shown in the picture. Blackhead can turn into an inflamed pimple any time when it is invaded by bacteria.


Causes of blackheads:


We all know our skin has hair follicles without and sphincters and their closing and opening response to multiple factors. Our hair follicle contain one hair root and a sebaceous gland. Your sebaceous gland produce sebum continuously which keep the skin moisturized and hydrated on normal condition. Our whole body has hair follicles so this blackhead problem is not                                                                          only limited to face. We can experience it on chest,back and shoulders.


Excess sebum and imbalanced hormones:


One of the main reason that you are getting blackheads on all over your face is excess production of sebum. Usually when we hit puberty there is sudden change in hormonal balance. Or usually girls during the mid or close to the end of cycles experience more sebum production on their face. This excess body oil can give rise to blackheads which is an actually a form of mild acne.


Dead skin cells are not being removed:


When you are not taking care of your skin properly which involves exfoliation at first. Then dead skin cells are unable to remove and they can block hair follicle with sebum and dirt in it. They can also be accompanied by bacteria and blackhead turn into a pimple.


Unhygienic condition and poor habits:


Unhygienic conditions can make a favorable environment for germs especially bacteria that are responsible for acne. If you tend to touch your face a lot then it can also transfer of bacteria to the face as our fingers has so many bacteria.



This is not a strong evidence but some people think that eating food like dairy and greasy foods can cause forming acne or blackhead. But it is debate able as it is not the accepted law.


Precaution and treatment:


Keep hygienic conditions:


Very first preventive measure that you can take to avoid acne and blackheads is keep yourself clean. Specially Keep your hands, face and head clean. Also if you have excess sebum on your face then you can wash your face twice or thrice a day at least. Also apply some good moisturizer to keep the healthy oils on skin.


Exfoliation and toner:

Exfoliation is the best key to keep these problem at bay. As it remove the dead skin cells and strip any kind of dirt or sebum from the pore. This process deeply cleanse your pore so do not forget to apply some good moisturizing toner as well. This will help you to shrink your pores with passage of time.


Over the counter medicine and products:


There are plenty of tubes, gel, cream and blackheads strips available in market that can reduce the blackheads to quite impressive level. These products or cream usually contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that help to increase the cell turnover and decrease the sebum production.


Blackheads physical removal:


For this purpose first they give steam or such cream that make the blackheads extraction easy. In this process the profession one will use certain pins to squeeze out the blackheads. This procedure need some preventive measure as you don’t want to irritate your skin.

You can even do it at home by using a hair pin after applying some Vaseline on your nose. Just give a gentle pressure as you can give scar to the skin.


Prescribed medicines:

If OTC medicines are not working for you which is actually for mild situation then you can consult a broad certified dermatologist. He/she can prescribed you some medicines containing retinols which is also called vitamin A ,salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin that can  speed up the process of cell turnover. In short it help to get rid of dead skin cells , kill the germs and reduce the sebum production to some extent.


Dermatological procedures


You must have heard these term before like microdermabrasion, chemicals peels or light therapies as you can only get it done by professionals. You need to educate yourself first regarding these procedure or can ask your dermatologist for its details. They are a bit costly procedure but they do have results.As it main purpose is to stimulate the production of new skin collagen and elastin. It helps in rejuvenation of skin and shrunk the pore size to greater and effective extent. These procedures also greatly involved in improving the skin texture formed by acne.

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