CO2 fraxel laser , advantages and disadvantages?

by Asima Butt
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CO2 fraxel laser , advantages and disadvantages, does it worth it?


Well CO2 fraxel laser has gained pretty much attention from last few decades. This particular cosmetic procedure for better looking skin and solve many problems of it. With it so many advantage it does come with it disadvantages as well. This article will discuss what this procedure is about and how does it work. Furthermore we will discus if it worth the hype? Or does it have possible side effects as well or not?



What is Co2 fraxel laser?


This is a procedure which uses thousand of tiny amplified beam light that penetrate the skin. These light beams affect the skin in segments as it has certain distance between each light beam. This procedure is used to treat acne blemishes, scars, uneven tone, sunburn, wrinkles , fine lines and plump the skin. This is mainly involved in increasing the elastin and collagen level in the skin.

As this procedure could be very uncomfortable or painful, this is why your dermatologist will use a topical anesthesia to numb the area. With anesthesia, this procedure is quite tolerable.



What to expect after procedure?


As segments of skin are given with a controlled injury so your skin might appear redness, swelling, oozing , bleeding is some cases, dryness, scaly patches and shedding skin. Shedding skin are dead skin cells so they also appear in darker color than the normal skin. Usually pre and post procedure medication is given to avoid pain and infections. Usually this procedure need 1-2 weeks for skin to become presentable again. Complete healing require at least a month or two. Your skin appears raw pink after fresh procedure. This is time for great care as you need to protect your skin from sun and environmental stress.

It is very important to choose a broad certified dermatologist for this procedure and take all the information regarding procedure. As it is matter of your skin and health.



How does it work and its advantages?


Laser light will injure the skin in fragments and there is even a specific distance between light beams. Between this laser effect light, there is normal skin which actually speed up the healing process, more and more collagen, elastin, growth factor and protein will follow the controlled injured are. More platelets and WBC will follow too and

they will start to perform healing and forming new skin cells.

This is how the old skin fragments are replaced with new skin cells which will be fresh and bright. This is how this procedure will increase the textured of skin which was disturbed or got uneven by acne or for any other reason. Furthermore it is the best treatment to get done and see the drastic results. It depends on skin condition according to which your number of session will be decided. There is significance reduction in skin blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, pore size, wrinkles and uneven skin.



Disadvantages of Co2 fraxel laser:


One of the biggest drawback is it will bound to your house for at least 2 weeks. As your skin is raw during this time and you need to protect it from sun damage and environmental stress. You need to keep it hydrated at its maximum as your skin will get dry and scaly. Your complete healing time is at least 1-3 months but you can walk out of the house after at least 2 week.

Other main drawback for this procedure is it can cause permanent hyperpigmentation or hyper-pigmentation is some cases. Usually people with dark skin are recommended to avoid this procedure as they have more chance to develop this change. Darker skin has more melanin in their skin so they can show some unexpected changes in repose of skin defense.

Furthermore, this procedure is effective for skin but it is quite costly. It might cost you around 2500$ which is quite expensive as compared to the other treatments. People might get reluctant to spend so much money on such aggressive treatment.







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