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Today this article will guide you to make a whitening serum which is usually used for hands and feet but you can also use it on skin. As a unique ingredient for skin whitening is being used. So it is better to test this ingredient on some small patch on your face before applying it to your whole face.

If you skin doesn’t show any odd response then you can use this serum otherwise just use it on your hands and feet.

Boric acid is a very good ingredient for acne prone skin. So if you have acne you might like to try this serum.

Here are some very easy steps to make this serum one by one:



  • Lemons

  • Boric acid

  • Glycerin



First of all you need one teaspoon of boric acid in a bowl and add one teaspoon of glycerin it. Mix it well so it can make a homogeneous mixture.after that you need to add one tablespoon of lemon juice in it.

Mix the mixture properly so no lump is remaining from boric acid. You serum is ready to use.



First you need to test if your skin can bear this unique ingredient or not then you can go on using it in your daily routine. Apply this on your face, hands or feet. Leave it for 10 minutes and gently massage it. Then rinse it off afterwards.

You need to make fresh quantity every time you use it.

Furthermore, you can use it one or twice a week. Keep using it for a month or two to see the difference.




Boric acid is an ideal ingredient for acne prone skin. It has certain pH that kills the bacteria on the surface and inside the pustule. When the amount of acne bacteria is reduced on skin then you can notice the great reduction in zits and pimples.

Boric acid has drastic effects on vaginal and fungal infections on skin. It is also very beneficial for eye irritation and eye infections.



 lemon has citric acid in it and it is rich with Vitamin C. when it comes to skin care, it is impossible to ignore this vitamin. It should be part of your skin regime. Also ,It is a strong antioxidant and it causes reduction of the effects of free radicals and helps your skin from photo-aging or premature aging of the skin. It is best for skin affected with acne.

Furthermore, It helps the removal of blemishes, dark spot and hyper-pigmentation. In short, it gives the skin natural and whitening glow. In addition, it increases the cell turn over and even reduces the acne scar. It strongly helps the skin to improve its texture.



Glycerin is an outstanding ingredient in this serum that will provide you with maximum hydration. It will bind the water-loving component on your skin and lock the moisture into the skin cells. In short, this is the best thing to be used for your skin, lips and hair.



Remember to do use the small quantity on little skin patch to see if it is okay for your skin. If you do not get any sensitivity problem on your skin then you can apply it on your face as well.

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