Body spray to get rid of sweating and body odour at home

by Asima Butt
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Get Rid Of Bad Sweating Smell from Body/How to Control Bad Body Smell | Excess Sweat Smell

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Every woman has a natural odour in her body and it keeps on changing throughout the month and according to season. body odour gets bad when you experience over sweating, or garments fabric through which air is not passing frequently, poor hygiene, over growth of bacteria or sexual transmitted infections etc. If women are sexually active then mixing of semen with vaginal secretion can also cause certain smell in body.

We need to keep some things in mind in which we can discriminate a healthy condition from non healthy. So we know that when is time to visit the doctor.Also there are some possible ways to follow to in which you can reduce this problem on daily basis.

Why we get unpleasant body odour?


As we know it summer season and no matter how hard we try we definitely going to get body odour which could be unpleasant. This is because gathering of bacteria with sweat and causing odour as sweat naturally don’t stink. It is bacteria that can give it a particular smell so lesson is to keep yourself clean and use particular product or remedy that keep the swat at bay.

As bacteria love the moist environment so sweating provides them perfect case. So it will be best to keep the body dry or something that is naturally acting a antibiotic even you get sweat.

Today this article has brought you a home remedy in form of a spray to bring down this smell and your body and help to keep your body dry and avoid bacteria.


Here are some easy steps to follow to make this remedy at home:


Procedure for body spray:




  • Alum (fhitkhari)
  • Rose water/water

  • Spray bottle



First of all you need to take half cup of rose-water in a spray bottle. If rose-water is not available then you can also take half cup of water only. After that add half teaspoon of alum in it and put on the lid and shake it well. Now your body spray is ready as shown in the picture.




You can use it every day or just after taking bath, remember to use it in your body not the clothes. You can spray it on your underarms, under legs and any other body part where you get sweating a lot.


Another tick to keep the sweat at bay:


You can also use another simple method my simply adding one small teaspoon of alum in you water bucket before taking bath.this will overall help your body and your can repeat it every time you take bath. This will naturally help to kill the bacteria and it will keep your body dry to a possible limit.


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Try to use cotton undergarments as cotton keeps the area dry as air can pass through it easily. Other silk stuff like nylon and polyester takes time to get dry and cause the particular odour.So try to use thin cotton stuff to get rid of sweating and accumulation of bacteria.

Try to keep the good hygiene and keep your self clean at most. Further don’t forget to keep your vagina dry as much as possible. It could be after taking shower or using washroom. That will reduce the chances of any kind of infections and unpleasant body odour.

Also try to use some fragrance based body wash or shower gel which are specially designed to give pleasant smell to body that last for long than normal soaps.furthermore, try to take bath every day or every other day to maintain the good hygiene.

Also always use body deodorant to get rid of smell that can get in your body after some hours.

Change clothes and take shower every time you take sweat which could be in form of exercise, gym or working in kitchen etc.


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