Blue LED light therapy for acne, does it work?

by Asima Butt
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Blue LED light therapy for acne, does it work?


Today this article will talk about a unique method which is used to treat mild to severe acne. It is called blue light therapy and it is also used for other medical purpose. Here we will talk about how it works for acne and does it have any effects or not.As we all know acne is something that disturb majority of the teen population. Even adults are nor safe they can also get it after 20s which is not very uncommon.What is acne?

It is actually present on skin in form of small or big red bump which might or might not have white gunk in it also called pustules. Most of the times it starts with black or white heads on the nose and cheeks. Some people get the deep and sever kind of pimples also called cyst. There are different types with multiple different reason and also require different treatments. Main causes of acne include two major points which include excess sebum production and acne causing bacteria. When these two reason are combine together then you can more likely get into the trouble.

There are plenty of treatment available for acne which include oral, topical and cosmetic procedure. Here we will talk about a unique type of procedure called blue light therapy.

What is blue LED light therapy? How it works?


This procedure involves use of light that has similar wavelength as blue light and used to kill certain types of bacteria from the skin including acne causing bacteria. This light treatment also has reducing effects on sebum production. So this treatment also work for people with excessively oily skin and it also helps to reduce pimples and blemishes on the skin. If the main or supporting cause of your acne is acne bacteria and excess sebum then this procedure can be very helpful for your skin. This blue light has frequency between 400-420 nm which actually dissolve the protein content of bacteria cell membrane.

Furthermore this treatment require eyes covering during the procedure and it require multiple session according to severity of skin condition. Each procedure is carried out four weeks apart and there is not post procedure medication or care.


Benefits of blue light therapy:


Moreover, this light therapy is also used to treat other skin problems like skin cancer, jaundice and sleep problem. It is quite effective way to reduce the acne causing bacteria and prevent the breakouts.


Furthermore it has a great role in reducing the sebum production as it has a little drying effects on skin. Which can be favourable procedure for oily skin people. The best part about this treatment is that it is painless, no possible side effects and non abrasive. This procedure also falls in cheaper options as it is not crazily expensive like other cosmetic procedure related to acne.


It usually takes 20-30 minutes for each sitting and your doctor will tell you how many sessions do you need according to your skin condition. Also, it doesn’t require any after procedure care and you can wear makeup next day if you want.It usually is effective for all types of acne and it doesn’t require any anesthesia or drug administration and it is painless and totally safe.


Possible side effects:


Usually this treatment has no severe type of side effects and it is even safe to use at home. But if not handled carefully then it might cause redness, swelling and excess dryness in people with dry skin type.

Furthermore this treatment is not recommended for people who have underlying health condition which involves sensitivity to light. Furthermore, this treatment might not be super effective for people with cystic acne as bacteria is quite in deep layer and this light cannot penetrate deep enough in skin layers.

The possible side effects by blue light therapy are quite easy to handle. Other thing is to remember that this procedure is helpful in treating acne but acne can’t resolved only with this treatment. You also need other treatment along with this therapy to control it effectively.




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