Top hacks and tips to avoid breakouts on the skin

by Asima Butt
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Hacks and tips to avoid breakouts on the skin

Acne is something that’s always an annoying part of your life. You are very lucky person if you never experienced it ever. But this article is not about people who already have acne but it is also for those who sparingly get pimples. If you seldom get pimples then you also need to do some precaution and care to avoid it completely.


This article will guide you with some simple trick and tips that you need in your life and avoid pimples. There are multiple causes of acne like acne bacteria, excess sebum production, dryness, clogged pores, stress, imbalanced hormones and poor skin care regime. There might be other causes to be here we will some simple tips that can help you a lot in daily life.


  • Don’t touch your face or pimples:


Very important thing you need to remember is that do not touch your face more often. As your finger tips has the most number of bacteria and by touching your face or pimples, you are spreading the infection. And try not to pick on your pimples as it is the worst thing you could to your skin. Picking picking pimples can leave intense blemishes and scars. Your skin has natural ability to heal itself so let the skin do its work on it own. So add some supporting substance to aid this process.


  • What is your skin type?


This is the important thing you need to know about skin as if your skin is oily, dry or combination. Because you need to use skin products according to your skin type. As oily skin types has moisturizers that are less oily and have ingredients that are hydrating and non-comodogenic as well. While people with dry skin need more oily ingredients to help their dry skin.


  • Wash your face twice a day:


Remember, washing your face twice a day to clean the addition dirt, bacteria and sebum from your face. This is the moderate number if your are not washing enough then you might get pimples because of favourable condition for acne. If you are washing excessively the you are making your skin dehydrated by withdrawing all the sebum from the face. Furthermore, washing your oily skin excessively can make your skin even more oily.


  • Mild cleansing and exfoliation:


It is better to use mild cleanser and exfoliator for you skin every day or on alternate days instead of doing exfoliation once but in a harsh manner. Mild cleansing and exfoliation can minimize the risks of skin sensitivity and disturbance of the skin pores. Choose a good product according to your skin type. You can try home remedies for mild cleansing and scrubbing at home as mentioned in the links given below:

Fenugreek Leaves and onion scrub for acne blemishes



  • Over the counter products:


You can use over the counter ointments like glycolic acid, tretinoins, vitamin C, vitamin E, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These are light peeling and effective products to be used on skin. As the help to unclog the pores, reduce acne and blemishes and brighten your skin. Not all of it , but you can select certain products that works best for your skin. Remember, give it a try with small quantity as it can make your skin sensitive.


  • Avoid direct sun:


Always have some shade or sunscreen on when you go out. As sun can cause further damage on your skin. Sunscreen is important but physical shade is even better. You can cover your face with some book, card, file or anything you have in your hands. If there is intense sun light especially in summers then don’t hesitate to even use umbrella. Sun can even make your skin more vulnerable if you are using and acne products on face.


  • Reduce stress and do exercise:


Stress cause release of a hormone called cortisol which can affect you hormonal balance. So stress is indirectly involved in triggering acne on the skin. Also, try to do morning walk or exercise, as this cause brain to release certain chemicals which make you feel good and happy about yourself. So exercise is a very effective way to have a good health and reduce stress in your life.


  • Moisturizing:


moisturizing is the most important part of our daily skin care routine in summers and winters. Dry skin people definitely use it as it is their skin needs moisturizing to get rid of dryness. But sometimes oily skin people think they already have oily skin so they do not need extra oils on it. Dear friends! This is a wrong concept that has been thought for quite a long ago. Your skin is oily because it is dehydrated which is why it is producing excess sebum. You need to take plenty of water and apply proper moisturizing on your skin. The oils you apply on your skin are more beneficial and proper than the one you get naturally in excess. Try to use some non greasy and the one that doesn’t clog your pores. It should have hyaluronic acid like ingredients that provide maximum moisture to the skin.


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