Bentonite clay benefits for skin and skin whitening effects

by Asima Butt

Bentonite clay benefits for skin and skin whitening effects


Today this article will introduce you with a very beneficial mask for your skin. It is good for both oily and dry skin. We will use a very nice ingredient which is bentonite clay. Clays are something that are being used for a really long period of time. People use it in a home remedy and take benefit from it.

  • What is bentonite clay?

  • Bentonit clay is actually obtained from monmorillonite crystals. The particles in clay are tightly packed and they are negatively charged. But when they are crushed to ground form then it form bentonite clay. This is obtained from earth and it is rich with very important minerals.


Benefits of this clay:


One of the very important benefit of this clay is that it is a strong detox. Some people don’t only use it on their face but on their whole body. As it takes off all kind of impurities from skin and make it fresh and clean like new-born skin.



It has small granules that helps to rub off the dead skin cells from the surface. This clay can also be used as exfoliation when combined with certain ingredients. It also cleanses the pore deeply and remove any kind of sebum, dirt and bacteria.


Absorbs oil:

It is very healthy for oily skin as it absorb all the excess oil from the skin. By doing so, it doesn’t make skin dehydrated because it leaves a very nice amount of moisture that is needed for skin.

Dry skin people should use some more hydrating ingredients like few drops of almond oil or glycerin etc. To avoid dryness.




  • Bentonite clay
  • Almond oil

  • Rose water


Bentonit clay is usually present in crystal form you need to crush it into small pieces before grinding it machine. As it has hard consistency and can harm your machine blades.After crushing it in small pieces , you can grind it a blending machine into a fine powder form. Now you have got its powder so you can use it to make a very beneficial mask out of it.

You can make its mask by take two teaspoon of rose-water with one teaspoon of bentonit clay and mix them together. Now the next step depends on your skin type.

If you have very dry skin then you can add half or one teaspoon of almond oil in it to provide hydration to your skin as well. But if it is oily then you can add few drop but if it is very oily then you can skip this option.

Your face mask is ready to use.



You can use it every day but if you have very dry skin then twice or thrice a week is fine. Apply a thin layer of mask with clean fingers or brush then leave it for 15 minutes. After that you can rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Keep using this mask for a month or two to see the prominent results.


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