Beetroot glycerin sugar lip balm scrub 

by Asima Butt
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Beetroot glycerin sugar lip balm scrub 


Today this article will teach you to make a special type of scrub plus a lip balm and you can use it for both purpose. It is specially designed for rough, colorless and flaky lips.

This article will solve the problem of very important issue for you. Many of us struggle hard to get rid of dry and colorless lips. If your lips have rosy or pink glow then it gives very refreshing and healthy look. Your lips tend to change its color with environmental harshness or chemicals.

Some people tend to have lip darker than natural color and some people even can have no color. Both situation are not good as very dark lips doesn’t reflect very good lips condition or you do not want totally colorless lips to give a zombie look. In this article you will learn to make a scrub and a balm to solve most of the lips problems.

Why lips get darker ?

There are many reasons for this as it could be because of genetics. If you tend to have darker lips in family and that is running generation to generation that you can’t fix it completely but it is worth giving a try. You can get darker lips if you have anemia so better get your blood level checked and make sure to eliminate this problem.Darker lips are caused by using cheap and harmful chemicals or products. Using expired products can also show bad influence on your lips.

Diet is one of the other major reason. If you are lacking particular nutrients in your diet may also reflect the dark lips. Dehydration is other cause of dark lips. So water intake should be at maximum level in every day of your life.If you are exposed  to sun then you can also can darker or dull lips because of harmful and damaging rays of sun.


Procedure for lip scrub+balm:


  • Beetroot

  • Sugar

  • Glycerin

  • Vaseline


First of all you need a handful of sugar and grind it in a grinding machine to get its fine form. Then take a medium size beetroot and take off its peels. Then put it in a grinding machine in small pieces and grind it to make its smooth paste. You can also add some rose-water or water to aid the grinding procedure. After that filter this mixture through a strainer and get its juice by pressing the pulp through strainer. After that add one and half teaspoon of sugar in bowl and add enough beetroot juice to make a smooth paste.

Now take one big tablespoon of Vaseline and put in an empty bowl. Give it heat for a minute in microwave and let if melt to a liquid consistency. Then pour the beetroot and ground sugar paste in this liquid Vaseline. Mix this mixture and add few drops of Vaseline in it. Your lip balm and scrub is ready as shown in the picture.


Apply this lip scrub 3-4 times in a day in your lips. First scrub it gently in your lips for five minutes then wipe of the excess from the surface through a wipe. Then leave the greasy part on lips for quite a while or you can wash it if you don’t like the stickiness. Keep repeating this process for a week and your lips will start to get soft and pink in color. If you have very dark lips more probably because of smoking then you should give it some more time to see the difference.


Benefits of this balm:

Sugar present in this balm will serve the purpose of scrub and it will remove any dead skin cells from the lips. Furthermore , glycerin , Vaseline and beetroot will help to moisturize the lips and it will impart pink red color to the lips. Your lips will start to lose it darkness with passage of time with it regular use.


Benefits of beetroot:

the most important function of beetroot for which it is mostly used in different products and homemade remedies is because it make the skin fair and give pink glow to cheeks and lips. It is beneficial in both ways by drinking its juice and applying it topically.

It makes the lips smooth and with full of glow. Beetroot is also used in different products for lips and hair. It lighten the color of dark lips and reduce the dandruff from scalp.

Beetroot also have antioxidant elements in it which make a perfect ingredient for your skin. Because it prevents your skin from hazardous effects of UV rays of sun. It also reduce the effects of oxidation process  on skin which can lead to wrinkles and saggy skin. When this process is slow down then it give time to your skin to heal again.



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