Beetroot Glow Serum For Skin Whitening ,Fair and Pink Glow

by Asima Butt
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Beetroot Glow Serum For Skin Whitening ,Fair and Pink Glow


Beetroot is an outstanding vegetable with a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It is usually used in salads which is also very beneficial for health.

Beetroot powder is used in number of face mask, products that you make at home like lip balm and lipsticks. It is totally natural and free of chemical that is a best news for people with sensitive skin that can not bear synthetic chemical or colors for their skin and lips.

Today this article will guide you that how you can make beetroot serum by using other amazing ingredients like aloe Vera gel, glycerin and vitamin E oil. As serum are getting very popular these days. People are making them a very important and major part of their skin care routine. There are different type of serum for different purpose but this particular serum will help you to return the bright complexion with pink glow on your cheeks.


Benefits of beetroot:

The most important function of beetroot for which it is mostly used in different products and homemade remedies is because it make the skin fair and give pink glow to cheeks. It is beneficial in both ways by drinking its juice and applying it topically.

It makes the skin smooth and with full of glow. Beetroot is also used in different products for lips and hair. It lighten the color of dark lips and reduce the dandruff from scalp.

Beetroot also have antioxidant elements in it which make a perfect ingredient for your skin. Because it prevents your skin from hazardous effects of UV rays of sun. It also reduce the effects of oxidation process  on skin which can lead to wrinkles and loose skin. When this process is slow down then it give time to your skin to heal again.

You can make its serum at home by using very natural ingredients like beetroot powder that you can make it at home, aloe Vera gel and glycerin

This serum has all the hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that will give your skin a natural glow. As beetroot is know to give pink glow to your cheeks and lips. You can also use this serum on your lips.



  • beetroot powder

  • Glycerin

  • Rose water

  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Vitamin E capsule


  • First of all you need to take one teaspoon of beetroot powder with 5-6 teaspoon of rose water and mix this mixture properly. Then add 3 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel and half teaspoon of glycerin. After adding all these at the very end just add 2 capsules of vitamin E and pour the mixture in a suitable a bottle and mix it well. Your serum is ready to use.


  • you can simply apply this serum to your face and hand by applying thin layer. Massage it into your face until it absorb into your skin. Leave this serum on your face for overnight. You can keep this serum either in room temperature or in a refrigerator.
  • Keep using this serum for at least a month to see its wonderful effects on your skin. 


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