Beetroot Glow Lotion for Skin Whitening and Fair Pink Glow

by Asima Butt
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Beetroot Glow Lotion for Skin Whitening and Fair Pink Glow

This is like a dream for every girl out there to get rosy cheeks. It is a typical sign of beauty and health. Ladies get their cheeks pink by makeup and it is a main and important part of makeup. But makeup is not the solution to this. Everyone wants in a natural way.

There are various ways to give your cheeks a pink glow. Like if you eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables, you can also get this pink look on your cheeks. There are many products in the market as well. But it is huge search to find a better product for you and it is waste of money as well.




There are many natural ingredients that will help you to fulfill this purpose. Like Aloe Vera, milk, glycerin, tomato, beetroot, lemon, cucumber, good diet, exercise, exfoliation and hydration. They all helps to get pink cheeks. But you need to know some topical product as well which quite a fast way.

Today this article will guide you how you can make a lotion for your cheeks to make it glow and pink. We will use beetroot as major ingredient in this lotion


Here are some easy steps one by one:



  • Beetroot

  • Coconut oil

  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Glycerin

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Beeswax



First of all you need a medium-sized beetroot and peel it off. Then get it in a grated form in a pan

melting beeswax through double boiler method

and add half cup of coconut oil in it. Cook it on very low flame. Make sure you don’t get it in brown color because we just need to dry its water in it. If you think beetroot has started to get brown then take it off from flame and put the pan in cold water for sometime. Then beat the mixture well so beetroot get its fine form in it.

After that take half cup of aloe Vera gel and add it in beetroot and coconut oil mixture and beat it well.

If you have oily skin then you can add only half cup of Aloe Vera gel but if it is very dry then you need to add one and half cup of Aloe Vera gel.

After that add half teaspoon of glycerin and eight vitamin E capsules. At the end you need  tablespoon of beeswax in a grated form in a bowl. Put 2-3 coconut oil teaspoon in it to give it a greasy texture. Then put it on flame through a double boiler method as shown in the picture.

When your beeswax is melted then add it in beetroot mixture as shown in the picture.


Now beat the mixture well. Keep mixing it after every ten minutes and put it in container. You can also make a beetroot balm for your lips from it. Simply add half teaspoon of glycerin in half teaspoon of this mixture in very small box. Apply it on your lips to give it a pink glow.



You can use it on daily basis. Apply a thin layer on your face and take steam like you take steam in skin facials. Then after 10 minutes wipe it off and apply some good moisturizer or moisturizing toner.

You should store it in refrigerator.

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