banana facial mask(summer special) for fair and aging skin

by Asima Butt
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Instant Skin glowing Fairness /Skin Whitening Anti Aging Mask/Get Glowing, Spotless Younger Skin



Today’s article is very simple and convenient to make every time you want to apply it on your face. It is specially designed for skin whitening and aging skin.Aging is very programmed and natural process where many genetic and physical changes are going on in body. Real cause of this is still uncertain as methylation of DNA goes on and many natural proteins and hormones starts to decrease. We don’t only feel this aging process internally but also externally on skin. It is first starts to show on your skin or face.

Main reason of aging of skin is due to sun. Every single second spent in sunlight is culprit behind it. Because damaging UV rays of sun cause oxidation process on skin which cause emission of free radicals and they cause dull and wrinkled skin.


So to overcome this problem, this particular remedy involves banana , turmeric and gram flour which will serve you with three main purposes. One it is provide maximum nutrients and hydration for skin. Then its massage will help the skin to loosen up the dead skin cells as a scrub. Which will leave the skin soft and with full of glow and also in return you skin will appear fair because of removal of dead skin cell. This procedure is mini facial which is involving scrubbing , cleansing and moisturizing.





  • Banana

  • Turmeric powder

  • Gram flour




To make this mask, first you need a banana and take half of banana and crush it with help of a spoon in a paste form. Make sure you make a fine smooth paste which is super easy with banana and you do not need to do it in a blending machine. After that add a pinch of kitchen turmeric powder and mix it well.


You can also use juice of raw fresh turmeric if it is available otherwise powder form is fine too. At the last add 2 tablespoon of gram flour in the mixture and mix it for at least 2-3 minutes to get a homogeneous and smooth paste which is ready to used as shown in the picture.




You can use it 2-3 times a week or if you want you can use it daily but skip the scrubbing part for daily usage. Also make it fresh every time as it involves banana which can turn black if you want to store it in fridge. In short word you will have to make it every time when you want to use it because you cannot store it.


Apply a thin layer on your face, neck and hands and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that either you can wash it off with lukewarm water or massage it with a little sprinkle of water for 2 minutes. After that wash it off and dry you face with a tissue. Do not forget to apply a mild moisturizer after every time you use cleanser or scrub on your face like this. Keep using it for at least 2-3 weeks to see the noticeable difference on your skin.

Turmeric powder benefits for skin and health and side-effects

Benefits of ingredients used in this mask:




Rich in vitamin A:


Banana has abundance of vitamin A which we also called retinoid in other words. This ingredient play a very important role in rejuvenation of skin. It loosen up the dead skin cells from the skin surface and dries it off. We can easily remove the dead skin cells through some suitable scrub or cleansing brushes. This will help us to impart whitening effect and it will give us younger looking fresh skin.


Vitamin B and C:

This vitamin is also very important for healthy skin because it treat many skin conditions. It helps use with acne, wrinkled skin, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, hyper-pigmented and sun burnt skin. This vitamin is also called niacin and it is a kind of healing vitamin. Vitamin C act as a strong antioxidant that prevents the skin from damaging UV rays of sun. It also reverse the damaged effects.



This nutrient has main effect in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. Potassium is involved in formation of protein. As it is the most abundant nutrient in our body as it keep producing new cells on skin. So this is how it plays an important role in renewal of skin cells, decrease pigmentation or dark spots and reduce acne scars on the skin.


Gram flour:


Yellow peas/gram flour are extremely beneficial and important for your daily skin care routine. It has so many benefits which are not just for health but it has taken quite the top place in skin care for home remedies. People have used this flour for quite long in their daily skin care regime.

Yellow pea helps to improve the tanning of skin which is caused by UV damaging rays of the sun. Hence it is helping in whitening of skin and give it a fresh glow. It loosens up the dead skin cells on your facial skin and which come off easily by a gentle scrub and promote the renewal of out layer. Then you have fresh and younger looking skin. Furthermore, it gives you an instant glow.




Turmeric powder is ant inflammatory and microbial which helps our skin from any irritation effect of bleach powder. Moreover its microbial properties prevent the skin from germs and infections.

Because of this very reason it is used to treat acne and its blemishes. This spice is very often use in DIY or home remedies like for making face mask etc.

This powder also give a very beautiful glow to your skin with golden hue which is temporary. It prevents the bleaching powder to irritate any sensitive skin patch or wound or cut on face. This powder will even help to heal the wounds as it has powerful microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric herb has many antioxidant which make it very beneficial for our overall health. These antioxidant reduce the oxidation process which forms the free radicals. Moreover, these free radicals cause genetic error and this is how a normal cell fails to perform its normal function.


scrub for Instant Whitening dark Body Parts at home

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