Whitening Formula Cream For Fair And Glowing Skin for kids

by Asima Butt
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Skin Whitening Formula Cream For Fair And Glowing Skin for kids



As we all know our kids are very careless and they don’t care about anything regarding their health ,skin or hair. But these are mothers who are worried about all of these things. Either it is a girl or boy they all like to play in dust , sun , dirt rain water , paint color on their face, eat soil or cement and many other thing they do.

why should we use it for kids?

We do everything in our power to control them but still it is not enough. These chemical or pollution can impact bad effect on their health, complexion and eyesight etc. They play in sun all the time without caring about the consequences. All they care about is having fun and in return they get very dark complexion or sunburn in response. Sweat can give rashes or infection if hygienic conditions are poor.  Some kids even tend to get rashes from these chemicals and damaging rays of sun. We should take preventive measure and treat their problem with home remedy as well. As their skin is very soft and sensitive and it will be best to not use any synthetic chemicals or such products that we are no aware of the ingredients. Not all kids skin give the same response to a certain skin product. So it is better to try something natural and harmless.

This article will guide you through a very effective home remedy that you can do at home and apply on their skin. Here are some easy method step by step:



  • Orange peel powder

  • Any baby lotion



First we need orange peel powder and how can we make is mentioned in this easy steps:


First of all we need orange peels for this. We can leave it in sunlight and in open environment to let it dry to crusty form. When you thick that peel has dried out enough then you can crush it and blend it in a grinding machine to get its fine powder.

You can make this powder by two ways. One you can get it by scratching the outer peel layer(orange one) only and grinding it in a grinding machine. If you further filter this powder through a thin cotton cloth then the very fine powder you get is what you can use for kids skin. Second is you can get the whole peel of orange and then dry it out it will include the both outer orange and inner white layers. You can further filter these powders to get even more fine form.


Trick of using this orange peel powder:


You need to take pea size amount and add one or two pinch of orange peel powder and mix it well then apply it on face.



You better use this lotion at night because powder o should remain on the skin surface. This is how kids skin will remain hydrated with moisturizer and this powder will keep on working it function for whole night. Then you can rinse it off in the morning.


Benefits of orange peel powder:


Orange peel also has tremendous benefits like lemon because it has abundance of vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is very important and act as a very strong antioxidant as well. It prevents the skin from damaging UV rays of sun by reducing the process of oxidation. Also, it cause the cancellation of free radicals and prevent it from spreading havoc on the skin by making it dull and dark.

Vitamin C is also used in treating acne,acne blemish and acne scars. Furthermore, it helps to diminish the sign of blemishes and marks. Also, it has a great role in improving the texture of the skin if used in long run.


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