Baby skin moisturizing and whitening Soap for all seasons

by Asima Butt
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Baby skin moisturizing and whitening Soap

This article will introduce with an extremely beneficial whitening and moisturizing soap that you can make at home easily for your baby and kids.As we all know our kids are very careless and they don’t care about anything regarding their health ,skin or hair especially the ones who go out for school, college and university. But these are mothers who are worried about all of these things.

Either it is a girl or boy they all like to play in dust , sun , dirt rainwater , paint color on their face, eat soil or cement and many other thing they do.This moisturizer is good for all age groups. Sun plays a major role in damaging the skin of kids by oxidation process. The sun rays cause the formation of free radicals in skin cells by oxidation process and disturb the cellular DNA damage. This is how a cell fails to perform its normal functions.

So this soap consist of all natural and extremely pure ingredients and mixing them with your regular soap maximize its results.which will brighten up the skin without using nay harmful chemicals. These ingredients are natural so there is almost no chance for any kind of side effects.

Here are the ingredients and method to make this soap at home:





  • transparent soap

  • Coconut milk

  • Almond

  • Almond oil

  • Honey

  • Walnuts

  • Dry milk

  • Glycerin

  • Turmeric powder



To make this soap first of all we need to make a whitening cream and we can prepare it by blending some ingredients together. First of all, take almond and dip them in water for overnight and peel it peels off next morning. Add 10-12 almond in a grinding machine and add handful of peeled walnuts as well.

Then add half teaspoon of almond oil and 2 teaspoon of dry milk. At the end, add one teaspoon of honey and add enough coconut milk so it can make s soft and smooth paste after blending. Blend the mixture for few minutes so it can make a homogeneous mixture. You cream is ready as shown in the picture.

Next step is to grate a full transparent soap in a bowl and add 2-3 tablespoon of this cream in it. The add half teaspoon of glycerin and a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Now keep this boiler on heat through double boiler method or in microwave so all the mixture melt down.

In double boiler method you simply take a broad dish filled with water and put your bowl in it and heat it up through indirect method so you mixture won’t burnt out.Keep heating the mixture until whole soap is melted and it makes a homogeneous and smooth mixture. It will take 10-15 minutes.

Now take it off from stove and let it cool down a bit. Then add one teaspoon of bleaching powder in this when it cools down and mix it well. After that  put it in molder of your desire shape and size and stick some petroleum gel on bottom and walls of the molder before putting the soap in it so it will be easy to take out the soap later.

Put it in a fridge on in natural environment until it gets cool and set. Now you can take the soap out and there is no need to refrigerate it again.


what are the benefits of ingredients in the soap:


Vitamin E oil/ almonds:

Almond oil has abundance of vitamin E and skin benefits in it.It is also a great source for an antioxidant and rich with hydrating contents. It protects the skin from damaging effects of sun rays and reduce the texture on skin by preventing premature aging. This vitamin lock the moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated for long hours.

Applying this vitamin E oil on textured and wrinkles skin will help a lot to improve it. It is blessed to heal any kind of wound or acne scars. This vitamin is rich with essential nutrients and it is quite great fat soluble with any anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore which helps it to deal with any kind of infection or inflammation on skin.

Dry milk:

Milk is one of the most amazing facial cleanser that has been used since ancient history. It has lactic acid that helps in fading of dark spot, treat acne and pimple. It is rich with natural Ca, vitamin D, lactic acid, natural proteins, B6, potassium and many other important nutrients. These all nutrients play a major role in controlling the skin health.

It is strong antioxidant and it cause reduction the effects of free radicals and help your skin from photo aging or premature aging of skin.Skin affected with acne show very good response to its use.

milk helps in removal of blemishes, dark spot and hyperpigmentation. In short it gives the skin natural and whitening glow.

Cell turnover is increased by it and it even reduces the acne scar. It strongly help the skin to improve its texture and it is a natural moisturizer and keep the skin hydrated.


Honey is the most soothing ingredient as it has powerful blessing to treat wounds and heal sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory and microbial that make it even stronger to treat acne or other skin infections. Honey with all other oils will provide the skin with maximum hydration. You will never get dry or flaky skin after its use.

Honey has quite antioxidant properties as well. As it reduces the oxidation process in skin cells that are caused by damaging rays of sun. This process is reduced to maximum level and this is how it will prevent your skin from premature aging. It will increase the cell turnover and you will get fresh, new and younger looking skin with full of glow.

Coconut milk:

Coconut is rich with saturated fats which are not harmful. It is beneficial for skin and overall health. Many research claim that it improve the immunity and it has one very important role for patient of diabetes. Cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin present in coconut have anti thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing effects on the body.

It treats epilepsy, boost energy and fight cancer. Along with overall health benefits it plays an important part in out daily skin care regime.



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