Baby Hair Oil and Shampoo For Long and thick Hair

by Asima Butt
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Baby Hair Oil and Shampoo For Long and thick Hair

Hair is one very important part of the personality. Thick and healthy hair are genetic gift but if we are not gifted with blessing so there is no need to be discourage or hopeless.There are some natural way to get strong, long, thick and shiny hair. As you see from the childhood, if you baby doesn’t seem to get that mush hair growth or thickness then you can start doing some effective home remedies to get better results in long run.

Today we will learn a special type of oil or shampoo to make your baby’s hair strong , healthy ,thick and shiny.theses are some steps one by one. These all ingredients mentioned below are proved to be the best for hair health. Purpose of these oil is to mixed together and get the maximum benefit from it.



1-cocnut oil


2-Castor oil

3-olive oil

4-Amla reetha sikakai

5- Ginger (juice)

6-Vitamin E capsule

 7-baby shmapoo

8-Coconut milk


First of all we need to grate the ginger and squeeze or filter its juice in some cup through a strainer. put this half cup of ginger juice in a pan and add double quantity of coconut oil(1 cup) in it. Now add half cup of olive oil and you can add one to two table spoon of castor oil.  After that, mix this oil and put in on stove with light heat.

Keep boiling the mixture until the whole ginger get burnt in it and  it is the same way we make aloe Vera oil. Keep mixing along heating.It will take almost 15-20 minutes. Wait till mixture starts to get light brown. After that leave to get a little cool and  you can stain the mixture and add it in some bottle and store it some safe place.

Take the half cup of amla reeth sikakai and add two teaspoon of olive oil in it. Now add one table spoon of castor oil.Now add amla reetha sekakai powder in it and get it on light heat for a while and keep mixing the mixture till 5-10 minutes. At the end stain this mixture as well. Put it in some suitable bottle.

how to prepare shampoo:

shampoos are ready

Now we gonna prepare shampoo from these oil. First we gonna take the very first prepare ginger oil and you can add aloe Vera oil as well and it is optional.You need to take the second Amla reetha sikakai oil and vitamin E capsules. Put these in any shampoo that you use for your baby.

Afetr all that you need to take 3 containers and put one-two tablespoon baby’s shampoo in each container. Add 1-2 table spoon of ginger oil in one container. Then Add 1-2 tablespoon of aloe Vera oil in second container. At the last Add 1-2 tablespoon of amla reetha sikakai in third container. Mix the vitamin E capsule and 1-2 tablespoon of coconut milk in each container. Add few drops of kalwanji if you want.

Now these shampoos are prepared. You can put it some small bottles and store it in some safe place.


You can use both oil alternatively or use it for your baby before taking bath. Or you can simply put small quantity of these oils in your baby’s shampoo. In both ways we can avail the benefit of these oils.

You can use these shampoos alternatively for better hair growth ,increase length , thickness or for shiny hair for you and your baby.

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