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Today this article will introduce you with a very common but very effective remedy for your skin. We will be using apple as a min ingredients and some other good things like aloe Vera gel, olive oil, rose-water and milk cream. Most of these products are aiming to hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of dull skin. These all ingredients collaborated together to make perfect night cream for your skin.

This cream will reduce the dullness and dark spots on face. It will even help you with dark circles if you apply a small amount of cream under your eyes.


Benefits of ingredients:

Apple present in it used as a main ingredient and it is rich with so many nutrients. It has abundance of vitamin C which is great source of antioxidant. This vitamin will prevent your skin from damaging effect of UV rays and it will also boost the production of collagen. That is main key to improve the texture on skin.

Being a great antioxidant it reduces the oxidation process in skin cells which doesn’t let form the free radicals. Free radicals are usually cause of producing havoc on your skin.  Which in return prevent your skin from premature aging.

Apple will get rid of puffy eyes and dark eye circles. It is also very helping in reducing blemishes, dark spots and other marks cause by acne.

Other ingredients are usually mixed in it to provide maximum hydration. As it will lock the moisture into your skin and it will keep the skin from flaky or dry patches.


Here are some easy steps to make this night cream:



  • Apple

  • Olive oil

  • Rose-water

  • Milk cream

  • Aloe Vera gel



To make this night cream you need half apple. It is better to make small quantity at first as if it’s suite you then you can make more. Furthermore, you can keep it only for a week in a refrigerator that is why it is better to make less quantity.

Cut half apple in small pieces and put it in a grinding machine. Also, add one and half teaspoon of corn flour to give it a creamy consistency later.Then add one teaspoon of olive oil and 1/4th part of rose-water of the cup and grind it in the machine.

When you are done will all these procedure, pour the mixture in a pan and put it on thee flame. Heat it up this mixture until you get desired thickness of the cream. After that put in on a different bowl and leave it for a while. When the mixture has cooled down ,now there are two different ingredients and you can add either of it to make the night cream


  • take 2 teaspoon of cooked mixture in a bowl and add 1-2 teaspoon of milk cream. You can also add cream from fresh milk. After that mix the mixture well and your cream is ready as shown in the picture.


  • Second step is the change in only one ingredient. Add only a teaspoon of aloe Vera gel in two teaspoon of your freshly prepared mixture and mix it well. You second night cream is also ready.


Both of these methods are good but it depends on you which one suites you best. This is how you can add either of ingredient accordingly.



You can use this cream everyday or every night before going to bed. Make sure to prepare enough quantity that only last for a week. Because the ingredients in this mixture can last fresh for a week in refrigerator.


Take the small amount of night cream and apply it on your face. Massage it on your face in circular motion so all the cream can get dissolved in your skin. Leave for overnight then wash your face with lukewarm water next morning.


Keep using this cream for at least 3-4 week to see the prominent results.



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