Advantage and disadvantage of coconut oil

by Asima Butt
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Advantage and disadvantage of coconut oil for skin and health

We all are well aware of the coconut and we love to eat it. You must have heard it extremely beneficial benefits for skin, hair and health. But some people misunderstood some of its characteristics as it come with pro and cons as well. If  we are using it for one thing and if we are using it wrong so it might backfires. We can get more harm than benefits so purpose of this article is to educate you with its careful use. If you have  oily skin, this might be only beneficial for you if you are suffering extreme dryness because of medication or dry climate.


Here are some of advantage of coconut oil:


1-A great moisturizer for skin:

This has best ingredients that keeps our face, lips and body extremely soft and smooth. It is a best moisturizer for winter especially if you have the dry skin. Even oily skin type sometime face the drastic change in skin during winters. So this is one the best moisturizer to be used in your cream or home remedies.


2-Works wonderful for hair:


Coconut has so many great characteristics that it make your hair get rid of many problems. It is proved to be very effective for treating dandruff or other infection on scalp. As it has microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover it alone is used for fast hair growth and it make our hair extra shiny and full of life.


3-A good sunscreen:

People also use it on body as source of a sunscreen especially for kids or babies. This will protect your skin from deep penetrating and damaging sun rays coming from the sun. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow its deep penetration which cause least damage to the skin.


4-Effective for sunburn:


This oil is even better than Aloe Vera gel in treating sunburns as it has powerful healing nature. It has very soothing and hydrating effects on skin and relief the pain or any uncomfortable feelings. Moreover, this oil will prevent any kind of infection on skin as well.


Best lip balm:

As it has most hydrating ingredients and anti-inflammatory with microbial properties.So this make it best lip balm for lip in all season as it takes away the flaky and dry patches from the lips. Further it serves as a long-lasting gloss and hydrating balm for your lips.


Disadvantage of coconut oil:


Cause acne and clogged pores:


One of the confused disadvantage of coconut oil which could fall in advantages points as well. It is because, coconut oil has quite high density and it has medium chain triglycerides. When people often use to treat acne it might worsen the case. This can be cause by two reasons first it clog in the pores with dust and germ.

Moreover it cause the toxins underneath the skin layer to come out which spread even more havoc. But coconut oil tends to get rid of skin toxins but it might irritate some peoples skin and their acne can show not improvement or it even can get worse. But in some cases it works really good for some peoples acne so it depends if this oil is going to be suitable for your skin.


Health problems:


As we know this oil is high number of saturated fats which increase the cholesterol level in blood. In return it increase the chances of blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases. This is not worst oil though as it doesn’t have big chains triglycerides. They are medium chained but still health is at risk because of  its regular use.

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