5 Minutes Skin Whitening Magical Formula

by Asima Butt
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5 Minutes Skin Whitening Magical Formula:




Today this article has brought you a very quick , easy and unique formula for skin whitening. You can use this formula for hands, feet and face as well. Also, You can use this formula prior to your special day for having more beautiful effects on your skin. This is exactly like when you use bleach cream on your face for having such soft and whitening effect. But you can have this effect on a mild level on weekly basis by following this method.

This formula will give you instant results and result might last for days. This is how you don have to use this cream daily on your face as they have quite strong ingredients which are not for everyone.


Here are some easy steps to follow to make this formula at home:


Rice and Cinnamon Cream, Serum & Face Wash




  • Any skin whitening cream

  • Soap/face wash




We can make this formula by simply taking soap or face wash if you are using it on your face. Take the pea size amount of face wash on your hand and rub it properly to make its foaming. You can add more face wash of foaming is not sufficient. Then take less than half teaspoon of any beauty skin whitening cream that you usually use. When I have very tan skin because of sun I usually use Faiza beauty cream. So take less than half teaspoon of this cream and apply on the foam of face wash.image-2


Now massage your hands with both ingredients for like 5-10 minutes and then rinse it of with lukewarm water. You will notice the quick action of this massage and change in complexion of your hands. This effects can last you for some days and you can repeat this process on you face for 1-2 times a week. And also you can do this process for your hands and feet for daily basis.


This cream is quite strong in its bleaching agent but with this formula you can avoid its strong effects on your skin on daily basis. By using it like cleanser for 10 minutes in a week will surely minimize any kind of bad action that you might expect for these creams. Or you can use any other creams that you like on daily basis and they are effective for your skin.




Now some people are concerned that these skin whitening creams are not good for skin as they have quite harsh and harmful ingredients. Well we have quite thick skin on hands and feet so it won’t bother there. But as long as face is concerned you don’t need to repeat this process in daily basis. Because these creams have quite strong bleaching agents which gives our skin very whitening effect and reduce the pigment on our skin to some extent.

You can avoid it on your face if you don’t trust this cream or you can use any other skin whitening cream that you like or have been using in past.People who have been using Faiza beauty cream and never experienced any kind of bad reaction can try this procedure.



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