5 best pore filling primers for big pores and textured skin

by Asima Butt
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5 best pore filling primers for big pores and texture skin

People with big pores either they are men or women know this struggle. Big pores never look so pretty as they give textured and aged looking skin. If you are young with big pores so it is difficult to look very young. There are various causes of big pores on which top of that is oil skin. Yes! Along with many drawbacks of oily skin, big pore is also one of them and it is quite serious.

Big pores may also cause by aging or sun damage. It is not just limited to oily skin. Genetics also play quite the major role in it. Male tend to have bigger pores than women and this why today this article will lighten up a home remedy for both.

Moreover there are some procedures like light therapy, lasers and micro-needling that helps to reduce the size of pores. If you want one you must consult a broad certified dermatologists. In this article we will discuss about certain primers that are known to be best for pore filling and smoothing out the skin texture.

Remember this is not magic that your pores will fade away completely but it helps a lot to make a difference.you will see the prominent difference with and without application of primer.

What is a primer?

with and without primer

Primer is anything is form of cream, gel, powder or spray that are meant to fill out your pore, smooth out the dryness and reduce the imperfections on skin. It is applied before or after the application of foundation. A primer also keep the foundation in place and control the oil and moisturize which depend what kind of primer are you using.


Here are some best pore filling primers in market:


1-Benefit porefessional primer: (High end)

This is one of the most popular and most used primer for this purpose. It smooth out your skin texture and fills the small to medium-sized pores like a champ.it also provide certain hydration to the skin which make your foundation look flawless.people with oily skin cannot rely on it entirely as it doesn’t claim to control the oils.

2-Smashbox photo finish primer (pore minimizing): High end

It is another best primer that I have ever used for my oily skin and big pores. This primer has the same texture like porefessional one but it also controls the oil. One of the best primer I can use in summers. It might get a bit drying so if you have dry skin apply a thin and non greasy moisturizer as well before its application.

3-Dr brandt no more pore primer: (High end)


It is another very good primer to fill out the pores. This is not as raved product as it should be as I have heard few people talking about it. But this one also does an amazing job to blur the pores and prepare the skin for flawless application of foundation.

4-Hourglass veil mineral primer: (high-end)

This is one of my holy grail primers but it is quite expensive. I only use it on special occasion as it is the best primer to blur my skin’s imperfections and pores. This also keep my foundation in place for long period of time. So you can try a travel size bottle to check this out. I am sure you will love to repurchase it again.

5-NYX angel veil primer (drugstore)

This is a drugstore primer that we can not say as good as the high-end primers. Unfortunately there are not a lot of drugstore primer that has worked for me. But it is the one i liked the best I have tried so far. This one also prepare the skin for smooth application and give the blurring effect to the skin.


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