5 best cinnamon packs for problematic skin in winetrs

by Asima Butt
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5 best cinnamon packs for oily, acne, pigmentation, anti-aging and fairness.


Today this article will introduce you with benefits of cinnamon powder and how you can use it for many skin problems. These packs are good for all seasons and you can get benefits from it as it is easily available at home. All mask that we are going to make today has cinnamon as a key ingredient.


Benefits of cinnamon:

Cinnamon has tremendous benefits in acne as it has microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. This powder will help you with acne in such a way that it kills these germ and even if you have pimples it will bring down the selling. Furthermore , it speed up the healing process by increasing the blood circulation on face.

Cinnamon powder will not only help you with coping acne but it can handle its aftermath like blemishes and mild acne scarring. This powder is also very useful for oily skin people who becomes one of the cause for acne. As this powder helps to reduce the secretion of sebum by sebaceous glands. In short it control sebum production and you can decrease skin oils through this natural ingredient.

Moreover this one also has antioxidants in it which protect the skin from photo-aging or premature-aging. These antioxidants do not let UV rays penetrate deep into the skin which reduce the oxidation process to maximum level. Reduced oxidation process further reduce the free radical formation in skin cells as well.


Here are some easy steps to make these mask at home:


1-Mask for oily skin type:



  • nutmeg powder

  • Cinnamon



First of take mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one teaspoon of nutmeg powder. Mix them well and now you can add enough water to make an applicable smooth paste.

You can use this mask every day or night on your face. Apply a thin amount try to massage it in a gentle motion. The rinse off your face and apply a good moisturizer.


2-Mask for acne skin type:


  • cinnamon powder

  • Honey



For this mask, simply mix half-one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 2 teaspoon of honey in a bowl. Then mix them well and your mask is ready as shown in the picture.

Apply a thin layer on face and massage it gently. This will increase the blood circulation on your face and heal the pimples.moreover honey will reduce the inflammation or swelling of the pimples as well.


 3-Mask of pigmentation and tan or sunburns:



  • Cinnamon powder

  • Mashed papaya



For this mask, you can take add half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add enough mash papaya so it can make a smooth paste. You mask for pigmentation is ready as well as shown in the picture.

Use it everyday to see the prominent results on your skin pigmentation and tan.


4-mask for anti-aging:



  • egg white

  • Cinnamon powder



This mask is will use enough egg white to mix half teaspoon of cinnamon and make a smooth paste.

Apply this mask daily at night or day to get its maximum benefits. Apply a thin layer and let the ingredients soaked in your skin and rinse it off when it completely dries down. Also, apply a good moisturizing lotion on the face afterwards.


Mask for skin whitening:



  • cinnamon powder

  • Gram flour

  • Rice flour



To make this mask, you need one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add half teaspoon rice flour in it. Then add half teaspoon of gram flour and mix them well. You mask for skin whitening is ready as well as shown in the picture.

You can use it everyday if it suits you or you can use it once in a week as well. Massage this mask on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off and apply moisturizer afterwards.



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